Know more about Breast Cancer in 2020


When the cells in the breast grow without any control it is called breast cancer. There are types of breast cancer depending on which cells go through this growth. This can begin in any part of the breast. The three main parts of a breast are ducts, lobules and, connective tissue. The glands producing milk are the lobules, the tubes carrying this milk to the nipples are known as ducts and the tissue holding everything together is the connective tissue. Most often the breast cancer starts at the lobules or the ducts.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer awareness is very important these days as you find a large percentage of the woman population suffering from this disease world over. Here are symptoms that can help you detect this cancer. The first symptom can be a lump in the armpit or the breast. The other symptoms include

  • A rash around or on one of the nipples
  • Redness or pitting of the breast skin
  • Pain in the breast or the armpits
  • A change in the shape or the size of the breast
  • An inverted or sunken nipple
  • Discharge from a nipple

Stages of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer stages are from 0 to the Roman number IV. The cancer is more advanced when the number is high. With early diagnosis, you are at stage 0. This means cancer has started in the ducts or probably the glands and stayed there. In Stage I the cancer is invasive. In stage IA cancer spreads into the breast tissue. Either the tumor is very small or probably, there is no tumor. Stage IB means a small amount of cancer is found in lymph nodes.

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In stage II either cancer has grown or spread or even both. In stage III it is difficult to fight cancer though it has not spread to the organs or the bones. In stage III the cancer is found in almost nine of the lymph nodes and you might have a large tumor. In stage III B the cancer grows into the skin or the chest wall. In stage III C its affects few lymph nodes outside the breast but the ones inside are not only enlarged but also cancerous. In Stage IV the breast cancer spreads to the liver, lungs, and the bones.


The Breast Cancer Treatment depends on different factors.

  • The sensitivity of the individual to hormones
  • The stage and the type of cancer
  • Overall health, age and also individual preferences.

The main treatment of breast cancer is radiation, surgery, targeted therapy with drugs, chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

Early detection can help you get the positive results you are looking for. There are 99% of survival for those who receive treatment at stages 0 or stage I.

It is important to have regular screening and checks to avoid this cancer. You need to consult your doctor and get yourself checked at the earliest to avoid any complications.


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