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COVID-19 and Anxiety Disorder

COVID-19 and Anxiety Disorder

The human mind is strong! There are tens of millions of Americans who be afflicted by a few kinds of mental illness. The covid-19 pandemic is making lifestyles very...


Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health during the covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus: The constant news about the pandemic can seem endless and this is affecting the mental health of many, particularly those already living with conditions...

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety on the rise among new moms during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pregnant and postpartum women already have a high risk of depression and anxiety: one in seven women struggles with symptoms in the perinatal period. But the coronavirus...

COVID-19 Anxiety Disorder

COVID-19 : Anxiety Disorder

COVID-19 Anxiety Disorder: The human thoughts is highly effective! There are hundreds of thousands of Individuals that suffer from some kind of psychological sickness....

Acupuncture for Pregnancy -related Depression

Acupuncture for Pregnancy-Depression

Acupuncture for Pregnancy-Depression During pregnancy, women are at the highest risk of depression. There are multiple factors during, before and after pregnancy which...

8 Tips to Avoid Relapse of Depression

8 Tips to Avoid Relapse of Depression

8 Tips to Avoid Relapse of Depression Depression is a mood disorder which can affect your day to day routine. You experience sadness, grief, feeling of loss and all the...

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