5 Small Diet Changes Make Big Difference for Women after 40


Aging is not all about weight gain. Women are likely to gain a pound a year when they reach their 40s and 50s, mostly because of a drop in their physical activities, along with hormonal changes. Following these small diet tips can help you out.

Hormones can lift up your body composition. But you can still cut menopausal symptoms, stay fit with these weight loss tips.

Eat Fish

After menopause, the risk of heart disease increases. So, try and eat, at least, two servings of fish a week, especially a trout or salmon. Women may like to try fish oil supplements if they cannot have two servings per week. Fish oil is also helpful to prevent breast cancer. Ask your doctor about whether you should try it or not.


After 50, your body needs around 1000mg of calcium a day. Your bones may no longer absorb calcium properly due to a lack of estrogen. You can get around 1000mg of calcium with low-fat milk (1 cup), 8 oz. yogurt, and one latte. You may take one extra 100mg of supplement per day to fulfill your need.  Choose low-fat dairy.

Soy Proteins

Soy has plant estrogens that are helpful for women to relieve mild hot flashes instead of increasing risks of breast cancer, as many women think. Eat soy foods like soy nuts, tofu, and soy milk to lower the risk of cancer.

Herbal Tea

A hot cup of tea might be part of your routine after brushing teeth. But it may not be ideal during menopause. Warm drinks may trigger your hot flashes. Coffee and tea contain caffeine that can cause issues. So, have something cool and refreshing like iced herbal tea.

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Don’t Drink

Red wine can outweigh its benefits for menopausal women. It may lead to breast cancer. If you love a glass of Pinot, water it down to cut the calories. Red wine can increase blood vessel dilation.


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