Maintain Blood Sugar in a Natural Manner


Maintain Blood Sugar in a Natural Manner

Not many are aware that fluctuating blood sugar level can have an impact on your energy and also mood. Besides this, your health is affected in the negative. It is thus, important to ensure a steady level of blood sugar on a long term basis. You tend to get tired, have headaches, have trouble concentrating, frequent urination, uncontrollable thirst, gain weight and your vision is blurred with unstable levels of blood sugar. It is advisable to maintain a steady level so that you can lead a normal healthy life.

Maintain Blood Sugar Levels:

  • Include Quality Proteins:

Protein can temper the secretion of insulin. This means there is a gradual rise in the blood sugar after you have a meal. This is filling and you are spared of gorging on unhealthy snacks. You can include proteins for breakfast as this can be helpful throughout the day.

  • Balancing Meals:

Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains in your meal.  That is, you include all the fiber, proteins and other nutrients required by your body. A balanced meal ensures a steady level of blood sugar.

  • Include Healthy Fats:

Fat can buffer the spikes of blood sugar and is important for your health. Unsaturated fats can improve the insulin resistance. You need to eliminate refined fats and processed oils from your regular diet. Consider adding quality fats like coconut oil, olive oil and nuts to gain maximum benefit.

  • Bigger Meals Earlier:

A big dinner is one of the worst enemies of blood sugar. You can have a hearty meal for your breakfast and lunch and make sure to have a light dinner. The dinner needs to be had late evening and not late night. Make sure there is three hour gap between your dinners and before you hit the bed.

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  • Drinking water:

Drinking enough and more of water is essential for overall well-being. This can manage not only your blood sugar but also helps in weight loss and spares you the risk of many ailments. People who drink enough of water have a lower risk of getting high blood sugar.

  • Eat Foods rich in Magnesium:

Maintaining a stable blood sugar level and improving the insulin sensitivity is easier when you include magnesium in your diet. Include pumpkin seeds, leafy green vegetables, and dark chocolate in your diet and ensure a stable blood sugar level.

  • Consume Apple Cider Vinegar:

A swig of apple cider vinegar before you have your meal can be beneficial in maintaining your blood sugar. The conversion of the carbohydrates into sugar in your blood stream can be slowed down due to the presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar. You need to mix one tablespoon in half a glass of water ant not consume it directly.

Maintaining blood sugar is not magic and there are many changes to be made for the required effect. Eating food which is processed is one of the biggest mistakes made when you are working towards maintaining your blood sugar level.

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Maintain Blood Sugar in a Natural Manner

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