What Causes Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder causing the brain cells to degenerate and die. This is one of the most common causes of dementia, which is a continuous decline in social, behavioral and, thinking skills. This tends to disrupt an individual’s ability to function independently. What causes Alzheimer’s is not clearly understood but this tends to affect a large number of the older generation. Listed below are symptoms of this disease.

  1. Memory Loss:

Those developing this Alzheimer’s tend to forget recent happenings. This can also be forgetting important events or dates,the constant repeating of questions and, also depending on the memory aids. Those suffering from this disease can get lost and not remember their homes.

  1. Reasoning and Thinking:

This disease creates problems for concentrating. This is more so for abstract concepts. It is difficult to multi-task and thus managing finances, paying the bills on time and balancing the checkbooks. This tends to progress with the passing of time and leads to inability of dealing with numbers.

  1. Decisions and Judgments are Difficult:

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s tends to make the wrong decision in day to day living. They might dress inappropriately or make poor choices in social interactions.

  1. Performing Familiar Tasks:

Over time it gets difficult for the person suffering from Alzheimer’s to perform their routine tasks like having a bath or even eating.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s:

At present, there is no specific treatment for this disease but there are medications that help in easing the symptoms and offer some level of comfort.

How to choose a Treatment:

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With the help of your doctor, you can choose the best possible treatment for Alzheimer’s. This treatment depends on

  • the severity of the disease
  • The overall health, age and, the medical history
  • How well the therapy or the medications works for you considering your lifestyle
  • Preferences of the caregiver or family.

Causes of Alzheimer’s:

Researchers do not know the exact cause of Alzheimer’s but have some clues about who is at risk. A person suffering from Alzheimer’s has specific changes in the brain. This has few healthy cells and it also gets smaller over a period of time. The brain cells form two types of flaws

  1. Beta-amyloid plaques:

Instead of breaking up, there is a buildup of clumps of proteins between the nerve cells.

  1. Neurofibrillary tangles:

The fibers which are twisted are formed inside the brain cells and stop nutrients and other essentials from moving from one part of the brain to another.

These tangles and plaques damage the healthy cells in the brain.  These cells which are damaged tend to die and the brain shrinks. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s are due to these changes in the brains.

It is advisable to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you notice these symptoms in either you or your close-one. Early detection can help in treating Alzheimer’s in a better manner and there are chances that this disease does not get very severe.


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