What is Arthritis?


Joint inflammation is known as arthritis but there are around 200 types of arthritis which not only affect the joints but also the connective tissues and the tissues around the joint. This is a rheumatic condition and is known as rheumatoid arthritis. One of the most common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis. The other ones are fibromyalgia, gout and, RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Rheumatoid arthritis leads to stiffness, a lot of pain, swelling in more than one joint. The symptoms can be either sudden or even gradual. Specific types of rheumatic conditions can involve the different internal organs along with the immune system.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Early symptoms of RA may include fatigue, fever, warm and tender swollen joints and, stiffness of joints which is the worst in the mornings. In the initial stages, rheumatoid arthritis affects the small joints but spreads to the larger joints with the progression of the disease. You need to be aware that this arthritis can also affect the different parts of the body besides the joints. This affects the blood vessels, bone marrow, lungs, eyes, skin, heart, kidney, liver nerve tissue and the salivary glands.

Types of Arthritis:

The 200 types of arthritis are further divided into 7 categories.

  1. Mechanical or degenerative Arthritis
  2. Inflammatory arthritis
  3. Infectious arthritis
  4. Soft tissue musculoskeletal pain
  5. Connective tissue disease
  6. Back pain
  7. Metabolically arthritis

Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis:

As known, there is no specific cure for this rheumatoid arthritis but treatments that can help in arresting the progression. You can include some natural remedies to help you manage the flare-ups of this disease.

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  • Heat and Cold Compress:

You can use hot water bottles or even ice packs to bring down the swelling and pain of rheumatoid arthritis. The pain associated with this disease is intolerable and does need alternate therapies to help you live a ‘near’ normal life.

  • Lots of Rest:

There is a lot of fatigue associated with this disease. It is important to take the required rest. You need not stretch yourself to finish your routine. Take it easy and this will surely help in managing the pain.

  • Changes in Lifestyle:

Not many are aware that any type of stress can increase the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. It is better to stay calm during any circumstances. If you can, it is advisable to start meditating regularly. This can help you breathe easy and tackle the pain much better.

  • Change in Diet:

Rheumatoid is a disease which is inflammatory. Choosing a diet that is anti-inflammatory is advisable for those suffering from the depilating disease.

It is advisable to see a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Early treatment can help control the disease better and you can lead a normal life. Women are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis as compared to men. This disease can occur at any age but more so in mid-age. Finally, quit smoking as soon as you find that you have symptoms of this disease.


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