What is Keto Diet for Weight Loss?


The keto diet, which is a low-carb, high-fat diet seems to have gained popularity globally due to the very effective weight loss this offers. Besides the loss of weight, this keto diet can help in relieving the symptoms of any epileptic seizures. This diet tends to alter the metabolism of the human body by ensuring the body burns the fats instead of the usual carbohydrates. Those following this keto diet get almost 70 percent of the required calories from fatty foods like avocado, ghee, cheese, egg yolk and more. The keto diet can be difficult for many and thus you find many variations to this which can be equally effective.

As keto diet is a difficult diet and not many succeed in following this to the tee, you have the cyclical keto diet. This diet allows you to load up on carbohydrates on specific days of the week and you need to go cold turkey on the rest. Besides this, there is the lazy keto diet.

The Working of the Lazy Keto Diet:

This diet, the lazy keto diet you are allowed to consume 20 grams or less of carbohydrates during the whole day. Those following this diet do not have to track the amounts of proteins and fats consumed or even count the amount of calories consumed. This low intake of carbohydrates helps the body to achieve the required ketosis and remain in that specific state.

Ketosis is that state of the body where it uses fat for the required energy instead of glucose or carbs. You have multiple followers of the lazy keto diet as it is extremely taxing to monitor the nutrition and count the calories of every single bite taken.

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With the lazy keto diet, you need to eat whenever you are hungry. It is advisable to opt for foods which are keto-approved. These foods are available freely in the markets these days.

Lazy Keto Diet for Weight Loss:

As this lazy keto diet is low in carbohydrates it tends to help on a short term basis. Studies have proved that opting for this diet does not help your body to reach the ketosis state. The restriction of carbohydrates is not the only requirement for achieving ketosis. Besides this restriction of carbs, you do require healthy proteins and fats to burn off the fat.

The bottom line is if you intend following the lazy keto diet you need to ensure the quality of food. In other words, eating ‘real’ food is what matters, immaterial of the diet you choose to follow. Lazy keto diet is apt for the transition period of switching to eating normal food to the ketogenic diet.

It is advisable to seek the advice of a qualified dietician and a nutritionist before changing over to any specific diet. This can help you get the maximum benefit of the diet without affecting your health in any way. The goal of any type of ketogenic diet should be able to stay in the ketosis state and to burn fat quicker.

Custom Keto Diet

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