Understanding High Intensity Interval Training


Understanding the lack of time for exercise and training on a regular basis, here we talk about ‘high-intensity-interval-training’ or HIIT which is a sort of training which ensures you get the maximum benefit of working out in a short span of time. These workouts combine periods of low intensity workouts with short bursts of exercises which are intense. Most often, the exercises are a combination of resistance training and aerobics.

Some benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are listed below.

  • With the practice of HIIT you can burn more calories in a short span of time. Research has proved that HIIT burns almost 30% more calories as compared to other exercises.
  • HIIT ensures a good metabolic rate even after hours of the exercise.
  • You can lose all the accumulated fat.
  • There are chances of you gaining muscle with HIIT.
  • The consumption of oxygen is improved.
  • HIIT brings down the blood pressure and the heart rate.
  • HIIT also manages Blood Sugar.


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The Workout:

Each of the listed moves needs to be done for 30 seconds.

  1. High Knees and Arms Overhead:

You need to be in a position of standing with your arms overhead and the palms facing in and the elbows slightly bent. Run in place with bringing the knees right up to the chest or as high as you can. Pump your arms. Throughout the movement the chest needs to be lifted and you need to land on the foot’s ball.

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  1. Mountain Climber:

Start in a position of high plank. Alternate the running of your knees into your chest as quickly as possible. The feet need to be flexed with the hips lifted. You need to move as fast as you can.

  1. Frogger:

You need to be in a position of high plank with the shoulders over the wrists directly.  You have to jump both the feet up and outside by engaging the core. Your hands need to be outside, to be in a squat position. Jump back and repeat.

  1. Skater:

Stand on your left leg with the right one behind you. Hop to right leg explosively placing your left foot behind it to soften the landing. Alternate the sides and repeat.

How to get started with HIIT:

There are different ways in which you can add HIIT to your daily exercise regime. You need to first choose the activity. This can be biking, running, cycling or even jumping.

You then need to experiment with different time durations of the chosen exercise. The advantage of HIIT is that this can be customized to the abilities and needs of an individual. This can be approachable at all the fitness levels with a common goal of getting your heart rate pumping. HIIT does not require any equipment and thus works out comfortable. The HIIT benefits are undeniable and can benefit any age group. This provides a convenient and flexible way to get the results and stay motivated in a shorter time span. You can train as less than 10 minutes and yet be benefitted.

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