Encouraging Physical Fitness at Workplace


Encouraging Physical Fitness at Workplace:

All the working out and different exercises seem to have no effect in your physical fitness if you have a job which demands you to be at your desk all day long without much of movement. It is thus important to find out ways and means to be physically active throughout the day, even at the work place. Getting support of your peers is the motivation you need, so why not convince them to join you for these workouts at place of work.

How to lure employees for Workouts?

A health and wellness program specifically charted out for the workplace offers multiple benefits. This not only boosts up the morale but can encourage teamwork and increase the productivity also. As the employees feel a lot better with the workouts, they are able to perform better without any tensions.

*Welcome gifts:

Offering welcome gifts works as a booster for morale. You can have these gifts branded with the brand or the logo of the company. These are the required tools for your staff for making the lifestyle changes much needed.

*Launching the Wellness program:

Before the kick-off the program, make announcements so that there is some sort of n excitement in the staff. Appoint one of the staff to handle all the sign-ups for the program and employ a caterer for the healthy lunch offered.

*Health Snacks:

Stock up the vending machines with snacks which are healthy and organic. You need to ensure you get rid of all the junk food available. You might face some sort of resistance in the initial stages, but after a short period of time you find that the staff appreciates this choice and prefers this food more.

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*Provide water bottles which are refillable:

These water bottles provided at workplace ensures the required hydration. This beverage is free of any calories and is a better choice as compared to all the tea and coffee or cold drinks. As you provide re-usable bottles you also ensure that there is no wastage, besides which, this is cost-effective.

*Family Events:

Organize a field day or a health fair for the staff and their families, which also includes children. Offer prizes which benefit the health, to all the winners and the participants. As there is an incentive, you find that most of the people participating put their best foot forward.

*Discounts in Gyms:

Contact the gyms and fitness centers which are located at close proximity for possible discounts on the membership for your staff. This is definitely an encouragement for them to work out. The fit employee can perform better as compared to the one who is constantly on sick leave.

*Arrange for a Chef:

A chef called in once in a way can guide the staff on how to cook healthy in an affordable manner. This is interesting as the staff learns new recipes and also uses ingredients which are healthy with long term benefits.

There are many ways in which you can motivate the employees to adapt a healthy life style.

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