Tips on increasing the intake of Protein


Tips on increasing the intake of Protein: Protein is considered as an important component of each cell in a human body. The body requires protein for building of tissues and also repairing the same. The nails and hair are full of proteins. This is also needed to make hormones, enzymes and other chemicals of the body. This is considered as a building block for skin, cartilage, bones and blood. In short, protein is a macronutrient which the body needs in apt amount. You find that most people do have a heavy break-fast but there is not enough of the required protein in this. Listed below are few tips to ensure the apt amount of protein in your diet.

  1. Change the Breakfast:

Most often than not there is not enough intake of protein with the breakfast, which is the first meal of the day. You find this meal consists of more of carbs. You have the option of including the whites of eggs along with the other breakfast consumed to ensure that the right portion of protein is consumed.

  1. Replace Regular Yogurt:

Yogurt is consumed practically with every meal as this ensures the health of the gut. You can continue with this intake of yogurt but instead of the regular yogurt it is advisable to opt for the Greek yogurt which contains the required portion of protein.

  1. Adding cottage cheese:

You can consume the normal lunch and dinner but with grated cottage cheese on top as the garnishing. All the protein required can be got from this cottage cheese.

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  1. Adding Tofu/chicken:

Get imaginative when making a salad. Take all the vegetables you need for a salad and garnish this with oregano, salt and pepper. You can top this with mayonnaise. Mix a little chicken or tofu to this for that apt amount of proteins. This can be eaten even as a snack between the meals.

  1. Smoothie for a Meal:

You can opt for a protein shake instead of the normal juices or milk shakes you have every day.


Choose the Apt Protein:

The type of protein eaten can make a difference to the overall health and the required weight loss. Processed meats can lead to problems like cardiovascular disease and the type 2 diabetes. You have the choice of opting for dietary proteins which are available in beans, fish, poultry, whole grains and nuts.

Ensuring that the right type of protein and the right amount is consumed each day can help you manage your hunger pangs and aid in the required weight loss. The bones and the muscles tend to get stronger and you are spared of the different aches and pains. It is a known fact that protein can also increase fat burning in a human body.

You can seek professional guidance to find out which type of protein is suitable for the requirement of your body so that you can ensure the good health and a good life. You find that apt amount of protein can also help in healing injuries without any delays.

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