What prevents you from losing weight?


Losing weight is an achievement and choosing this journey is accepting all the difficulties you will be facing when going through this. Getting prepared to face these difficulties is the first step to lose weight. This is a time consuming process which requires time, patience and effort. It is advisable to avoid starting with a bang. This might lead to uncalled for exhaustion and there are chances you might give up.

Physical fitness is one area of your life where you cannot go slack. To get the required results it is better to have some information on the road-blocks to this journey.

Problem 1: Lack of time:

Being busy is good but you need to ensure you make some time for yourself everyday. This time can be considered as ‘me’ time where you can work out and keep fit. Working out on a routine basis is similar to an insurance policy. Besides helping you to stay trim and fit, working out relieves you of stress as can prevent many diseases.

Problem 2: Exercise a chore:

You need to enjoy what you doing, be it the normal routine work or exercise. If you do not find any enjoyment there are chances of you giving up on this. Consult your trainer and choose workouts which give you pleasure.

Problem 3: A Gym which is far:

You need to choose a gym which is close to the place you live. It is definitely tedious commuting to a distant place day-in and day-out. Travelling long distance is not only time consuming but also tiring. Working out early in the morning before you get busy with the other routine is giving importance to yourself.

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Problem 4: Eating anything and everything:

Just because you burn calories while working out you cannot afford to dump in more calories. The whole idea of a work out is to burn more calories than what you eat. You need not stay hungry but instead plan on the nutrients and proteins required and concentrate on this. Drinking lots of water can also help you in eliminating the hunger pangs.

Problem 5: Skipping exercise because you are on a holiday:

Even if you do not go to the gym on your holiday you can work out. There are fitness centers which ever place you visit. You need to be stubborn about working out every day for the best results. Excuses do not help in any way.

Problem 6: Not sharing your Goals:

It is important to have a buddy who you can share your fitness goals with. This buddy is the support-system you need when working out. This person chosen can be a cheer leader as well as a mentor. You are motivated in the right manner.

You also need to chart out a diet plan for the fitness plan you desire. Exercise without the proper diet is of no help for losing weight. Poor quality of sleep or too much of sugary drinks are considered as enemies of weight loss.

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