Opting for Bread in a high-protein Diet


High Protein Diet: Bread is considered a big ‘NO’ where healthy food is concerned. This is because the breads which are commercially available are full of processed grains. These breads of processed grains tend to add unwanted calories in your diet. Besides this, these breads lead to multiple health problems which are difficult to tackle. Obesity and a rise in blood sugar are most common with excess consumption of the commercially-available bread. Bread for a high protein diet is possible but only if you make a choice of the apt type of bread. This can be considered as a ‘healthy diet’.

The nut bread or bread which is made of whole grains is definitely healthier as compared to white breads which are made of refined flour and even brown bread. These breads are high in the protein content and also in fiber. Bread for high protein diet is apt for those looking to add some additional proteins in their systems.

High-Protein Breads:

  1. Oat Bread:

These whole grains termed oats are nutritious and need to be included in your diet for the apt management of weight. This is characterized by a dense and soft crumb. The oats present in this bread provides a lot of energy and even protein. This is enough for all the nutrition required. The low level of gluten in this bread only adds to the benefits. It is advisable to make this bread only with the whole wheat flour and adjust the ratio of the oats to the flour in accordance to your requirement. This can be an apt healthy diet for all.

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  1. Rye Bread:

Another apt bread for a high-protein diet is the Rye Bread. This bread has a high level of protein which is almost 9 grams for every portion of 100 grams. This bread also consists of dietary fiber which is equally beneficial. This is one of the favorites of those on a high protein diet due to the sharp taste. Rye offers multiple benefits. One of the benefits is the phytoestrogens in Rye can balance out the hormones in case you face hormonal problems. Besides which Rye bread can also curb your appetite, protect you against cancer and look after your heart.

  1. Quinoa bread:

Quinoa bread is bread which works well for bread for a high-protein diet. This bread is not only rich in proteins but also complex carbs and is gluten free. This bread is plant-based and contains the nine amino acids which are essential. This can be termed as a ‘super food’. This bread is rich in magnesium, fiber, phosphorous, calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins besides Vitamin E and multiple antioxidants.

This quinoa bread is apt for those who are intolerant to gluten.

  1. Flax bread:

Adding flax to breads and muffins increases the nutritional value. Besides fiber, this flax bread contains the essential fatty acids, fiber, phytoestrogens and various vitamins like B, E, K.

Bread is one component which is essential in daily meals. Instead of the normal bread, you need to opt for one of the breads for a high-protein diet so that you do not miss out on this and at the same time are benefitted where health is concerned.

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