How to Normalize High Blood Sugar Levels


Those who suffer from diabetes need to ensure that the blood sugar levels are not too high. When the level of blood sugar is higher than 180 milligrams it is known as hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. This level needs to be managed or else can lead to multiple complications not only on a short term basis but also on a long term basis. Before listing out some tips to manage the blood sugar levels, we list the different complications which can occur due to this.

  1. Strokes and heart attacks
  2. Kidney Failure
  3. Peripheral vascular disease. This is, the blood flow to the different limbs is reduced.
  4. Infections, foot ulcers and also amputations.
  5. Damage to nervous system
  6. Blindness or vision impairment.

Tips to manage Blood sugar Levels:

Following the tips listed below can help you manage high level of blood sugar.

  • Regular exercise:

It is important to include any exercise in your day-to-day routine. This can increase the insulin sensitivity and also help the muscles pick up sugar from the blood.

  • Control Carb Intake:

The carbs consumed are broken into sugars and is moved by the insulin into the cells. This process fails when you consume too many of carbs. A low carb diet helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Fiber works well for those who are diabetic as this slows down the absorption of sugar and also digestion of the carbs. This leads to a gradual rise in the level of blood sugar. You have a choice between the insoluble and the soluble fiber. It is advisable to choose the soluble fiber as this makes a difference to the blood sugar levels.

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  • Stay Well Hydrated:

Drinking enough and more of water not only keeps you well hydrated but also helps the kidney in flushing out the excessive blood sugar through the urine. Choose drinks which are non-caloric and eliminate sugary drinks from your daily diet totally.

  • Control the Portion of Food:

With controlling the portion you can limit the intake of calories easily. This control in weight helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. You can weight and measure portions, take smaller plates, keep a food journal or even read the food labels to check the size of the servings.

  • Eliminate Stress:

Not many are aware that stress can be the culprit of a rise in the blood sugar levels. During stress you have hormones like cortisol and glucagon being secreted. This causes a spike in blood sugar. Take up meditation or any exercise you enjoy to manage stress in your life.

There are multiple home remedies which help in managing blood sugar levels. These can be safe as they are natural sans any chemicals. Before making any changes in your life style it is advisable to consult your doctor. Decide and act should be your mantra for managing blood sugar levels fast. There should be no wasting of time.


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