Benefits of Millets for Diabetics


Benefits of Millets for Diabetics

Diabetes is a common disease and is found in many people worldwide. This is a condition where the body doesn’t use the insulin in an efficient manner or probably, does not produce insulin. This results in the body not processing the food well enough for the required energy. The blood sugar levels tend to increase and if not treated can lead to serious health complications.

Research has proved that including millet in your daily diet can help you manage diabetes better. This grain is loaded with vitamins, minerals and also fiber.

More about Millets:

This is a small grain which resembles pearls. The different types of millet available are finger, pearl, foxtail, jowar, and kodo. This can be easily digested as it is considered to be a ‘good’ carb.

Benefits of Millets for Diabetics:

Studies have proved that consuming millets can work in the positive for those suffering from diabetes. This affects the cholesterol, glycemic control, levels of triglycerides and the fasting plasma.

  1. Consuming millets improves the health of the gastrointestinal tract. This means, the food gets well digested and the gut issues are taken care of.
  2. The presence of high amount of magnesium and potassium in millets reduces the risks of cardio vascular diseases to a large extent.
  3. High cholesterol needs to be controlled with a balanced diet and including millets is one way to bring down the levels of cholesterol.
  4. Millets work well for the detoxification of the body.
  5. As millets have a glycemic index on the lower side it can regulate the levels of blood sugar. This can also reduce the risk of diabetes in those who are not suffering from this disease.
  6. Reduces cancer risk.
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Some Millet Recipes for Diabetics:

Consuming millet as breakfast can regulate your blood sugar level and keep the diabetes well under control.

  • Foxtail Millet Porridge:

Korra or foxtail millet can be used for a porridge which keeps you full throughout the day. This ensures you do not indulge in those unhealthy snacks. This porridge is made without any sugar. You can use fruits for that little sweetness you need. This porridge also includes cashew nuts, lotus seeds and amaranth seeds.

  • Flat Bread made with Pearl Millet:

Pearl millet can be used not only for making flat breads but also a wide range of snacks. This works well for those looking to load up on healthy carbs. This flat bread contains curds, cottage cheese, wheat flour and fenugreek leaves and is loaded with lean proteins and the required carbs.

  • Dosa made of Ragi and Wheat Flour:

Dosa is one of the most popular breakfasts made in India. This can be consumed plain or you can also add a stuffing of your favorite vegetables. A rage and wheat dosa is low in calories but is rich in proteins and fiber.

A healthy breakfast is what you need when you are suffering from diabetes. This keeps you satiated for a long time and can also regulate your blood sugar levels.

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