How to Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Naturally


Studies have proved that Type-2 diabetes is reaching the ‘epidemic’ level. Whether you have been diagnosed with this diabetes or even if you have been told that you are at risk, there are ways and means to reverse this naturally. Before listing out the different tips it is important to have a clear picture of what this Type-2 diabetes is.

Type-2 Diabetes:

This is a condition which has a real high level of blood sugar. Insulin resistance is the main cause of this type of diabetes. When you are suffering from Type-2 diabetes or even from pre-diabetes the insulin levels are elevated for a long period of time and the cells tend to get resistance to the insulin.

Here are some ways you can reverse the Type-2 diabetes you are suffering from.

  1. Avoid added sugar totally. The body is already in a specific state where it cannot process sugars or carbohydrates, it is important to eliminate these from your diet.
  2. You also need to avoid all refined carbohydrates like rice, bread or pasta, as this can spike the insulin.
  3. Drink only water, coffee or tea and stay away from all those sodas and other juices.
  4. Include healthy fats in your diet, this includes olives, almonds, avocados and more. Supplementing your diet with almonds can help you lose weight and not put on weight.
  5. It is important to ensure good gut health. This can be done by eating a minimum of 5 servings of different vegetables every day. The non-digestible fiber present in the vegetables is perfect for the gut bacteria.
  6. When snacking, try to gorge on healthy snacks of high fat. This includes nuts, hummus and olives. Snacking on biscuits can take you on a roller coaster of blood sugar and you find that you are hungry in a short span of time.
  7. Proteins and high fat need to be included in your regular diet. This helps in keeping you full for a long time and can also stabilize the blood sugar levels.
  8. Concentrate on your food when eating. This means, keep away from the television or your phone when you are having your meal. This helps in keeping a watch on the amount of food you consume.
  9. Try some form of fasting. This can be intermittent fasting or probably, TRF (Time restricted feeding).
  10. Finally, ensure you work-out in some or another. You can pick up an exercise which you enjoy and ensure you stay committed to this.
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Keep away from all that stress and try meditation or yoga as this can make the total process of reversing Type-2 diabetes much faster.

As known, there is no specific cure for diabetes but this change in diet and lifestyle can definitely help in bringing down the levels of blood sugar. There is a possibility that you will not require any medications by following the above mentioned tips for reversing Type-2 diabetes.

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