Foods for a Healthy Digestive System


Are you aware that your digestion can play a big role in your overall health? Besides the required sleep, rest, exercise, your health also depends on your digestion. There are some foods which are tough to digest and some can be easily digested. You are looking for foods that can improve your digestive system, or foods that calm your digestive system. Good digestion helps the food to break down into the required nutrients which are used by the body for growth, energy and also repair of the cells. A healthy breakfast before you start your routine is what you need. Here are some foods which you need to include in your daily breakfast.

  1. Porridge:

Porridge that is made of oats can be termed as a ‘comforting’ breakfast. As compared to rye and wheat, oats can be considered as the ‘perfect’ choice as this has a high content of fiber and can be easily digested. Breads which are rye-based or cereals of high fiber can lead to digestive problems.  Oats can be digested well and ensure regular bowel movements. This can be included in the foods good for digestion and bloating.

Oats are full of nutrients that can eliminate the risks of inflammation and have anti-oxidant properties. Adding different berries to the oats ensures a different flavor every day. You do not get bored of having the same breakfast every day.

  1. Banana:

The carbohydrates present in a banana can easily be broken down. This works out a good accompaniment to your bowl of oats. You can even consume a banana if you are suffering from any stomach ailment as this is gentle on the stomach. One banana can keep you well satiated till lunch tie so that you are not hungry for all those unhealthy snacks.

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  1. Cucumber:

Cucumber is light and having this for breakfast is good as this has a high content of water that keeps you well hydrated during the day. Regular intake of cucumber also benefits the neurological health of an individual and spares you from the risk of heart attacks. You can list this as a best breakfast food for digestion.

  1. Papaya:

Papaya is another fruit that can be added for your breakfast. The enzyme present in the papaya helps in digesting protein. The enzymes are active in the acidic environment of the stomach and are also a good source of substances that are fermentable, promoting health. This fruit can bring down the level of discomfort when you are suffering from IBS (Irregular Bowel Syndrome).

It is not necessary to incorporate fancy foods in your breakfast for a good digestive system. The above mentioned foods and fruits can help in solving most of the digestive problems and can also enhance the overall health. Chart out the best diet for gastric problems and enjoy the comfort of good digestion. Make sure you do not have any meal in a hurry. You need to sit and enjoy your meals and make sure you chew well.


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