Looking after Heart Health


Heart problems seem to have become very common at present. Stress, hectic life style and deficiencies of different nutrients are some of the major causes of heart problems. It is important to make an effort and change the way you eat and live to ensure a healthy heart. Before talking about the different benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables, you need to be aware that these are essentials for good heart health. This has been proved by a lot of research done. The magnesium, potassium and fiber are considered as ‘essentials’ for heart health and these are present in different vegetables and fruits.

Some Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables:

  1. Vegetables like cabbage and broccoli and most of the fruits help in preventing certain types of cancer. The lycopene present in tomatoes helps in the prevention of prostate cancer, especially in men.
  2. Piling on fruits and vegetables can protect you from vision problems like cataract and macular degeneration.
  3. All the green vegetables consumed reduce the risk of diabetes, which is rampant these days. Add berries to prevent Type-2 diabetes.
  4. The digestive system can run in a smooth manner when you concentrate on fruits and vegetables. Ensure you are well hydrated for good health.

How to keep your Heart Healthy?

Looking after the health of your heart can get easy when you follow some of the tips listed below. Besides increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables you need to make specific changes not only in your life style but also to your diet for a good heart health.

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  • Give up Smoking:

The best thing you can follow for your heart health is to give up smoking if you smoke. You need to be aware that this is the major culprit of coronary heart disease.

  • Managing Weight:

Obesity is a disease by itself which can create complications to your overall health. Ensure you chart out a diet plan with the help of a qualified dietician or a nutritionist so that you can consume all the nutrients required for the good heart health.

  • Get active:

A sedentary lifestyle is problematic in more than one way. Join a gym or go for a walk. In short, make sure you exercise in some way or another to avoid heart problems.

  • Cut down on Saturated Fat:

Eating foods with excess saturated fats teds to increase the levels of cholesterol in your body, this leads to definite heart problems. Choose dairy products of low fat and lean meat.

  • Concentrate on Fiber:

Fiber can bring down the risk of heart disease. Choose whole wheat bread, wholegrain cereals, and potatoes without peeling these and more.

  • Cut down on Salt:

Lessen the amount of salt you consume on a daily basis. Once you are used to eating your meals with less salt you can try avoiding this altogether.

A well balanced diet with enough of exercise and sleep can bring down the risk of heart disease and also help you manage other health problems.

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