The Effect of Covid-19 on Mental Health


There is a lot of stress, fear, anxiety and concern with the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a normal reaction as the situation is unnatural and unprecedented. It is important to find ways and means to deal with this situation instead of giving into the fear and anxiety. You need to focus on how to respond to this unusual situation not only as an individual but also as a family and community. It is important to find ways and means to stay connected with each other via phone calls, video calls and more as there is no way you can visit your close ones.

How does Covid-19 affect the Mental Health of Children?

It is not only the adults but you need to know even children have seen a deep impact of this pandemic on their lives. They experience anxiety, worry and fear. These fears are similar to those experienced by the adults. With the closing down of schools, children may not have the sense of stimulation and structure provided by that environment. There are fewer chances of them spending time with their friends and get the required social support for the well being of their mental health.

Young children find these drastic changes hard to understand and may express anger and irritability. Children want to make more demands on their parents, be closer to them, not understanding that there is undue pressure on the parents.

Adopting simple strategies can be helpful to the children. It is important to be honest and at the same time, give them all the attention and care they so need and deserve. You can help them express what they are going through. Children can be occupied with different creative activities. Parents need to understand how to handle their own stress so that they can be role model for their children.

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How does covid-19 affect the Elderly?

Elderly who have the underlying health conditions are more vulnerable to the Covid-19. This is fear-inducing and very frightening. This section of the population goes through a lot of anxiety and fear. The impact on those suffering from dementia or other mental conditions can be devastating. There are quite a few elders who go through loneliness due to their health conditions. This added fear is a burden for their mental health.

There are ways and means to manage this problem. You can decide on a physical activity which you enjoy. Creating new routines or trying to keep the old ones. It is important to maintain social connections.

In short, it is important to be strong during these trying times and ensure you can instill confidence not only to your children but also the elderly in your family. Staying connected can help you manage the mental health of your loved ones. Those who are taking some sort of medications for their mental health, ensure you do not stop this. You can always contact your doctor via the telephone or teleconferencing.

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