Different Foods for Boosting Immunity


Food for Boosting Immunity : Maintaining good health is important, more so during these times. You need to ensure that your immunity is boosted with not only different foods but also by sleeping well, managing stress, staying well hydrated and washing your hands often. Though there is no sure way to escape different viruses but an enhanced immunity can prevent you from different complications due to the virus or even bacteria.

Here are some foods you can include in your everyday meals to boost your immunity.

  • Almonds and Sunflower Seeds:

Not all are aware that vitamin E is important for your immunity. This vitamin is soluble in fat and can boost the activity of your immune cells. This can support the body to fight off different viruses and bacteria. Quarter a cup, or an ounce of sunflower seeds is only half the amount recommended of Vitamin E. Adding almonds can complete the amount. You can add this to a smoothie or have it with any fresh fruit.

  • Red Bell Peppers and Citrus Fruits:

Vitamin C is known to support the immune system and can prevent different types of illnesses. To prevent different infections, studies have proved that you need to consume a minimum of 200 mg every day of this vitamin. You can have red bell pepper which contains almost 150 mg of vitamin C, or probably have an orange which has 70 mg or choose a grapefruit which has 90 mg. You can eat citrus fruits either with nuts or even alone.

  • Turmeric:

The curcumin present in turmeric is an anti-inflammatory compound which boosts the activity of the immune cells and also enhance the response of the antibodies. The bio availability of curcumin increase when you combine black pepper with turmeric. You can sprinkle this combo on different salads, soups or broth.

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  • Pumpkin Seeds and Baked Beans:

With a low intake of zinc there is a limited production of certain immunity cells. It is important to ensure an adequate intake of zinc for the immune system to perform well. You can get only half of the amount of the zinc which is recommended from one cup of vegetarian baked beans. Combining pumpkin seeds can work well for the required zinc for your immune system.

  • Garlic:

Studies have proved that intake of garlic enhances the immune system. This can reduce the symptoms of cold and also flu. It is advisable to consume fresh garlic instead of the different supplements available.

  • Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables are beneficial not only for the immune system but for the overall health of an individual. These provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by the human body. The bioactive compounds provided by green vegetables can optimize the gut immunity. Sauté different vegetables with garlic, black pepper and turmeric to avail the maximum benefits.

It is important to give the immunity of your body a priority, more so during these trying times. There are fewer chances of suffering if you take a little trouble to ensure a robust immunity.


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