Benefit of Yoga for Obesity


Benefit of Yoga for Obesity

The slimming treatment market seems to be rampant these days as most people are looking to getting slim and fit. Obesity is one problem which seems to be on the rise due to the food habits and stagnant life style. This is one ‘disease’ which needs to be tackled as soon as possible as this can be a major cause of serious health issues.

Obesity can also be due to malfunction of some hormones. Whatever the reason might be, it is important to tackle this problem. The body needs to function with a balance of hormonal and metabolic functions.

Yoga for Obesity:

Yoga is considered to be a practice for the enlightenment of the spiritual being. Not many are aware that this works out to be ‘perfect’ physical exercise. Yoga is beneficial to all the parts of the body, but more so for reducing the fat and controlling of obesity.

Yoga Poses to fight Obesity: | Potato May Boost Athletic Performance | Benefit of Yoga for Obesity


  1. Pawanmuktasna:

This yoga pose is perfect for burning the fat in your hips, thighs and the abdominal region.


You need to lie down on your back and lift your legs slowly, clasping your hands around your knees. Try to bring the legs closer to the physical body and stay in that position for few seconds. Relax and straighten your legs after some time.

  1. Naukasana:

This boat pose helps in reducing the fat around the belly, straighten the lower back and tone up the muscles of the abdomen.

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Lie down flat on your back and place your hands along the body. After taking a few breaths, lift your body, arms, legs, chest off the floor. Take a deep breath. This position needs to be retained for as long as you are comfortable. Ensure you feel the pull on your stomach, chest and the muscles in the back. Come back to the normal position slowly while breathing out at the same time. This asana needs to be repeated for three times.

  1. Paschimottan Asana:

This specific yoga pose helps in fighting the fat around the belly and also toning the pelvic region, abdominal area, hips, shoulders and thighs.


Sitting on a flat surface, stretch your legs straight. Take your arms above the head while inhaling. Bend the body forward and make an effort to touch the knees with the forehead while exhaling. You need to hold this posture for few seconds and breathe in a normal manner.

  1. Bhujansana:

Bhujansana, known as the Cobra pose, is specifically beneficial for toning of the shoulders, arms, buttocks, back, thighs and the abdomen. With regular practice f this asana, you can look forward to a flat belly.


Lie on your tummy on the floor. Place the palms besides your shoulders on the floor. Lift your body while inhaling till your navel. You can get back to the normal position after you have held this position for some time. This needs to be repeated three times.

It is advisable to take help from a qualified yoga teacher for the perfect asanas.

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Benefit of Yoga for Obesity

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