What are the spiritual benefits of yoga


What are the spiritual benefits of yoga:

Yoga tends to focus on the natural tendency of the body towards self-healing and health. The main purpose of yoga is to build harmony, strength and awareness in the body and the mind. The different styles of yoga unite the motions of breathing, bodily postures and meditation or relaxation. Anyone can do yoga as there are no restrictions to age, gender or even body weight and type. The poses of yoga work by stretching of the muscles. There are multiple benefits to practicing this ancient form of mind and body exercise.

  1. Weight Loss:

The Kapilbhati pranayama and Sun salutation can help you lose the excessive weight. With regular practice of yoga, you are more sensitive to the needs of your body and thus can regulate your diet accordingly.

  1. Flexibility Improved:

The most obvious benefits offered by yoga are an increase in flexibility. With continuous yoga you can notice a mark difference to the flexibility and gradual loosening. There is a marked decrease in all the aches and pains you suffer from.

  1. Posture perfect:

With the perfect balancing of the head on the spine the back and neck muscles do not need to strain much. A poor posture can lead to uncalled for fatigue and other ailments. There are also chances of suffering from arthritis of the spine. Yoga practiced on a daily basis can help you tackle the posture problems.

  1. Immunity Improved:

As known, the system is a blend of the spirit, body and mind. Any irregularity tends to affect the mind and in the same manner, any anxiety or restlessness can lead to different ailments. The poses of yoga helps in massaging the organs and also strengthening the muscles and meditation can help you relax the mind. This, I turn, leads to better immunity.

  1. Increase in Energy:
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With a hectic lifestyle, you find most people absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. All you need is a few minutes of yoga to ensure a boost in the energy levels. Online guided meditation of only 10 minutes helps in recharging your batteries.

  1. Prevents breakdown of cartilage and joint:

With each session of yoga, you tend to take the muscles through the total selection of movement. This helps in preventing degenerative arthritis. The joint cartilage can receive new nutrients only when the fluid is squeezed out so that the new supply can be soaked in. Sans any sustenance the cartilage tends to wear out.

  1. Helps in Focus:

Focusing on the present is an important component of the yoga. Research has proved that regular practice of yoga improves coordination, IQ scores, reaction time and even memory. Problems can be solved easily as the level of concentration is improved.

Your journey of life is more relaxing, calm and helps you function and perform better. You can actually ‘live’ life and not just go through the motions of life when you practice yoga regularly. All you need is a little inclination to start practicing yoga immediately.

What are the spiritual benefits of yoga

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