How does Lemon Water Help in Weight Loss


Lemon Water for Weight Loss: Studies have proved that lemon water offers a number of benefits to the human body. Most of those looking to lose some weight ensure they drink a glass or two of this lemon water. Instead of all those drinks with artificial sweeteners and calories, you can choose to sip on this water. Let us go through the different reason you need to consume this for the required loss of weight.

This including of lemon water for weight loss does not require you to skip your meals and starve; this is only replacing all those harmful drinks with lemon water which is healthy and beneficial.

Some Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss:

  1. Lemon Water Boosts the Metabolism:

Studies have proved that drinking a lot of water, with or without lemon, tends to boost the metabolism to a large extent. Your body is in the mode of burning calorie early. This is when you include a glass of warm water with lemon with your breakfast in the morning. Those who consume this can avoid snacking in-between meals. The water is full of flavor when you add some lemon to this.

The more water you can drink works well for the burning of more calories.

  1. Lemon Water is Low in Calories:

If you do not add any sugar to the lemon water you consume zero calories. A glass of apple or orange juice has around 110 calories while half a lemon squeezed in a glass of water has only 6 calories. Plan on this swapping of different juices with lemon water and note the difference in the number of calories consumed.

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  1. Lemon Water for Hydration:

Most of the time your body cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger pangs. You tend to snack even when you are only thirsty. Ensuring your intake of water, be it with or without lemon, is important not only to lose weight but also for your overall health. With the required intake of water your body can flush out all the waste and toxins. With a healthy body you can understand the requirement better.

  1. Lemon Water makes you feel full:

As known, drinking water or lemon water before any meals can make you feel full. This means, you do not gorge on the food. You need to be aware that drinking one glass of lemon water before a meal can help you consume almost 13% less of calories.

  1. Lemon Water for Detoxification:

Mix lemon in water is beneficial for any detoxification program. The presence of different nutrients in the lemon ensures good health of the liver. It is advisable to put the whole lemon in the water once you have squeezed it.

You can have lemon water in a number of ways. You have the freedom to add different ingredients for the required flavor. Also you need to be aware that there is no fixed time for having this, you can have it anytime you are thirsty.

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