What is the healthiest mushroom to eat


What is the healthiest mushroom to eat :

Mushrooms belong to the world of fungi and are not vegetables, as considered by many. These, however provide multiple nutrients which are beneficial to the human body. Eating a colorful variety of vegetables and fruits is considered as a ‘healthy’ diet. Mushrooms need to be enticing in flavor and smell sans any toxins for it to be considered ‘edible’. The availability of specific mushrooms and the price of the same determine the popularity. These can be added to multiple dishes like patties, hamburgers, pastas and pizzas. There are ways and means of adding mushrooms to a specific diet without addition of calories.

Mushrooms and Health Benefits:

Consuming mushrooms decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes and other heart conditions.

  1. Managing Diabetes:

One cup of shiitake mushrooms which are stir-fried along with 1one cup of portabella mushrooms which are grilled offer almost 3 grams of fiber. This is helpful for the digestive system and brings down the risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Those with Type-1 diabetes have low levels of blood glucose with the consumption of fiber. Those with Type-2 diabetes have improved insulin, lipid and blood sugar levels.

  1. Cancer:

Antioxidants tend to get rid of free radicals in the human body. Mushrooms are known to have high levels of anti oxidants and thus are beneficial. The mineral selenium is absent in most vegetables and fruits but is present in mushrooms. This helps in the function of the liver enzyme and can detoxify specific compounds which can cause cancer. Besides this, selenium can also control inflammation and reduce the rate of growth of any tumor.

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Mushrooms have Vitamin D which inhibits the cancer cells growth as this helps in regulating the cycle of cell growth.

  1. Immunity:

As Selenium tends to stimulate the production of T-cells, it tends to improve the immune response to different infections.

  1. Healthy Heart:

The Vitamin C, potassium and fiber content in mushrooms play an important role in the cardiovascular health. Sodium and potassium regulate the blood pressure. Those mushrooms which have a low content of sodium but a high content of potassium can bring down the blood pressure.

Tips to incorporate Mushrooms in Diet:

You need to be creative and imaginative and ensure you add some mushrooms in your daily diet.

* Stir-fry Mushrooms:

You can use different vegetables along with mushrooms and stir-fry these and consume this with your regular intake of meat. This is definitely a wholesome meal.

* Mushroom Soups:

For additional requirement of nutrients you need to add mushrooms to different soups.

*Mushroom Coffee:

Supplements and powders of mushrooms can be added to your morning tea or coffee.


With the additions of mushrooms in different sauces or gravies you can eliminate the requirement of additional creams or milk. This makes the dish thick and creamy and also offers different benefits.

You need to be aware that not all types of mushrooms are edible. You need to gather all the knowledge of the different types of mushrooms and only then add this to your diet.

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