8 Tips to Avoid Relapse of Depression


8 Tips to Avoid Relapse of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder which can affect your day to day routine. You experience sadness, grief, feeling of loss and all the possible negative emotions. For an individual who is suffering from depression nothing seems to be working for him/her. In short, it seems like the end of the world. This recovery from depression is a long journey and very tough for most. Going through a relapse is one of the worst things you can experience in your life time. The risk of this relapse depends on your family history and the severity of your symptoms.

Following some tips can help you manage this episode of depression.

  1. Take it Easy:

Staying busy is definitely a positive but trying to manage everything at one time is stressful. Stress is one of the major causes of depression. Take small baby steps and this journey will get easier.

  1. Exercising is Anti-depressant:

Choose an exercise which you enjoy and make sure you do this on a regular basis. This not only manages the physical health but can ensure good mental and emotional health. You can say, exercise is a mood booster and is an essential requirement when you are going through depression or have just come out of depression.

  1. Be health Conscious:

You need to be aware that your mental health is connected to your physical health. Make an effort to be healthy. You need to follow a disciplined life, like eating balanced and nutritious meals on time, sleeping on time and exercising regularly.

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  1. Stop the Blame Game:

Blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong is inviting trouble. Leave the past and move forward in the present times. The past can only make you regret everything that was wrong. Focus on the changes you can make and stop thinking what you ‘could’ do.

  1. Join Volunteer Groups:

Helping others in some way or the other can give you a ‘lift’. Join volunteer groups and try to make a difference to the people who are suffering in some way.

  1. Stay away from Drugs and Alcohol:

Alcohol and drugs are a big ‘NO’ when you getting out of depression. Learn to resist the temptation and do not take the permission to have those few drinks. You need to be aware that alcohol is a depressant.

  1. Managing stress:

Life is full of stresses. Learn to manage this by keeping your mind occupied with constructive and positive things. You can even consult a qualified psychotherapist to help you manage your stress levels.

  1. Be Grateful:

Practice gratitude for every small thing. You find that you are better off than many and this can be a great help in managing any type of depression.

  1. Reconnect with Family and Friends:

Depression often leads to isolation. Make an effort and try meeting up with old friends and family who can be a positive influence.

It is not difficult to avoid a depression relapse all you need to do is make an effort and get your life back on track slowly and steadily.

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