Reducing ‘Ugly cholesterol’ may help prevent Stroke-Home Remedies to manage Cholesterol Levels


Reducing ‘Ugly cholesterol’ may help prevent Stroke-Home Remedies to manage Cholesterol Levels

You find that this problem of high cholesterol is very common these days. This is due to lack of exercise, improper diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Stress and obesity only add to this high cholesterol problem. You need to be aware that there are three types of cholesterol, LDL cholesterol also known and ‘bad’ cholesterol, HDL known as ‘good’ cholesterol and ‘ugly’ cholesterol which is remnant cholesterol. Remnant cholesterol is as damaging as the ‘bad’ cholesterol and thus needs to be managed effectively. You need to know managing the high levels of ‘ugly’ cholesterol can save you from the risks of stroke.

Home Remedies to manage ‘Ugly’ Cholesterol:

  1. Coriander Seeds:

Ayurveda has been using coriander seeds as a cure or many different ailments. One of the ailments for which this is used is management of cholesterol. There is a high content of different vitamins in coriander seeds; this includes beta-carotene, folic acid, Vitamin A and a good amount of vitamin C. Including this in your diet can help in management of ugly cholesterol.

  1. Amla and Nuts to manage Cholesterol:

Amla is a rich source of amino acids, essential minerals, and Vitamin C. This is definitely a big help in lowering the bad and the remnant cholesterol.

Nuts, on the other hand, contain fiber, vegetable protein and a whole lot of other nutrients which help you manage the levels of cholesterol.

  1. Garlic:

It is important to use garlic in most of your cooking. This can also be eaten raw. This contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and organ sulfur compounds like ajoene, allicin and more. These compounds are known to lend the medical properties to garlic. Consuming 1 clove of garlic everyday can bring down the cholesterol levels by 9%.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds:
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This is not only a flavoring agent but a medicinal plant which has been used since ancient times. These fenugreek seeds possess anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and also anti-oxidant properties. The presence of Saponins in fenugreek seeds is responsible for lowering the cholesterol in a human body. It is recommended to consume at least ½ a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds every day.

  1. Green Tea:

Green tea is a popular drink which is equal to water in popularity. This means, people around the world prefer green tea to even water at times. The polyphenols present in this tea benefits your body to a great extent. The polyphenols not only decrease the bad cholesterol but also help in increasing the good cholesterol. This is definitely ‘one’ healthy drink.

  1. Healthy Fats:

The ‘good’ fats are the monounsaturated or the polyunsaturated fats as these can improve your lipid profile. These can be got from fish and plant foods. Replacing carbohydrates which are refined and also saturated fats with ‘healthy’ fats you find a drop in the levels of cholesterol and also a drop in the risk of any heart disease. Soy oil, sunflower oil, corn oil are examples of polyunsaturated fats. The Omega-3 fatty acids are also a type of polyunsaturated fats.

  1. Soluble fiber:

Different types of compounds present in plants which can dissolve in water and which the human body cannot digest are called soluble fibers. But, these compounds can be digested by the good bacteria living in the intestines. These bacteria are probiotics and are able to reduce the LDL and the VLDL.  This fiber can ensure longevity. Some of the sources of this fiber are peas lentils, beans whole grains and fruits.

  1. Exercise:
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Besides improving the physical fitness, exercise can combat obesity and lower the levels of the ‘ugly’ cholesterol. It is important to choose a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises to get maximum benefit for the cholesterol. Exercising for five days a week for around thirty minutes can help in tackling the cholesterol problem.

  1. Avoid Smoking:

Heart disease risks are more for those who smoke on a regular basis. The immunity cells in those who smoke are not able to return the cholesterol from the walls of the vessels to the blood for transportation to the liver. Tobacco tar is more of a culprit in this scenario.

This dysfunction of the immune system leads to clogged arteries in smokers. Studies have proved that smoking leads to an overall increase in the cholesterol with the HDL levels decreasing.

  1. Alcohol Consumption in Moderation:

Consuming alcohol in moderate levels can actually benefit as this tends to increase the HDL and reduces the risk of the many heart diseases.

This moderate intake can also ‘reverse transport of cholesterol’. That is, the cholesterol is removed from the vessel walls and blood and taken to the liver. This can bring down the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries.

Consuming alcohol in excess damages the liver. It is advisable to drink 1 or maximum 2 drinks on a daily basis for maximum benefits.

Prevention of ‘Ugly’ Cholesterol:

If this ‘ugly’ cholesterol is on the higher side, doctors advise on losing weight and changing the diet. It is important to include exercise in your daily routine. You can follow some tips to prevent ‘ugly’ cholesterol in your body.

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*Quit smoking

*Limit the intake of alcohol

*Limit the intake of processed carbohydrates

*Limit the intake of foods and beverages which are high in sugar.

If the levels of cholesterol in your body are out of balance, interventions of life-style are an essential requirement.

The high ‘ugly’ cholesterol is due to high levels of blood of the triglycerides (normal fat). The most important causes of this ‘ugly’ cholesterol is being over-weight or obese. This can also lead to an early death.

Studies have proved that heart disease is higher in those who have high levels of this ‘ugly’ cholesterol. Staying away from all the junk food you normally have, is another preventive measure you can take so as to avoid the problem of ‘ugly’ cholesterol. Following the above mentioned tips can help you balance your cholesterol level and remain healthy.

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