Are Dates suitable for Weight Loss?


Are Dates suitable for Weight Loss: Known as candy, dates are natural and at present times, also considered as a ‘health food’. This delicacy offers multiple benefits. Studies have proved that dates are rich in potassium, fiber, proteins and zinc, magnesium and selenium. They are that perfect food for the required boost in immunity. They are considered nutritious due to the presence of the different vitamins and minerals.

The Many Benefits of Dates:

Listed below are some of the benefits you can avail when consuming dates.

  1. Antioxidants for fighting diseases:

Dates have multiple anti oxidants which can bring down the risk of different infections. These antioxidants can protect the cells from radicals which are the cause of multiple diseases. The most important antioxidants present in dates are carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid.

  1. Brain Health:

It is known that with the consumption of dates, the inflammatory markers in the brain, like interleukin6, are lowered. This is protection from Alzheimer’s disease. Dates can also lower the activity of the amyloid beta proteins which are the cause of brain plaque.

  1. Natural Sweetener:

Fructose is present in dates. This is a natural sugar and works out to be the perfect substitute for white sugar.

  1. Energetic:

As dates contain a good amount of sucrose, fructose and glucose, they can provide instant energy. This energy got from consuming dates can last to almost one hour.

  1. No Trans fats:

Eating dates as a snack does not add to the Trans fats which are already present in your body. This works beneficial as there are negligible chances of you gaining any weight or face the risk of any heart ailments.

  1. Improvement in the Circulation:
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The fluids of the body are balanced with the presence of sodium and iron in dates. This can improve circulation, which is an important requirement for good health and also losing weight.

Dates for Weight loss:

Listed below are some reasons for dates being perfect for the weight loss program chosen.

*Dates can satiate your cravings for sweets. You can consume 4 to 6 dates instead of the sugar-laden desserts. Natural foods are anytime a better choice for health.

*As dates are rich in proteins you are spared of the frequent hunger pangs. You can avoid all those snacks you consume between meals.

*The unsaturated fatty acid present in dates tends to reduce inflammation which is linked to obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance. A lifestyle which is sedentary and unhealthy can be the cause of multiple illnesses’.

Including dates in diet:

You can sprinkle chopped dates to different fruit salads or desserts. You can also combine dates with other nuts and enjoy their taste. The best way to consume dates is to add these to a glass of warm milk, which is ideal for weight loss.

Before shopping for dates, ensure that these have not expired or have any sort of an odd smell. You can either refrigerate them or store them in a container which is air-tight. Do not consume more than 4 to 6 dates for the required loss of weight.

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