Dealing with Anxiety during Covid-19 Pandemic


The world is dealing with extremely difficult times due to this covid-19 pandemic. There is no ‘normal’ life these days. Besides the many people suffering from this disease and the fear of this, there are millions who have lost their jobs. There is a widespread of unemployment and a lot of anxiety and fear to deal with at present times. You can say that the total world population is affected in some way or another with this pandemic. There is nothing and no one who can give us a fair idea of the days to come. To help you out with this anxiety and fear, we list some tips that are definitely helpful.

  1. Stay Connected even when going through isolation:

Social distancing is one of the most important guidelines you need to follow at this time as there are asymptomatic patients who can spread this virus without even being aware. At the same time, you need to know this isolation and social distancing can only exacerbate the depression and anxiety. It is important to stay connected at all times via video calls or phone calls and even ask for help if you need to. Face-to-face contacts work as a vitamin for mental health. When communicating, make sure that every conversation does not hover around covid-19.

  1. Focus on what you can control:

Searching the internet for questions for which there are no answers can only add to the depression and anxiety. Most of the happenings around us are not in our control. No one has any clue as to when all this will end.

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When you are experiencing fear, try shifting your focus on the things which re right in front of you. Take the required steps to cut down the risk of getting this family by following all the guidelines strictly.

  1. Do not obsess with the News:

Fix a time when you can watch the news. There is no need of obsessing over this. An extra dose of anything is harmful and this also applies to the news. All you need to do is stay well informed and that too, from the right sources.

Ensure you do not share every forward you receive. You do not know how much of this is the truth.

  1. Take care of your Spirit and Body:

It is very important to take good care of yourself, physically and mentally. Make sure you eat wholesome meals and also get the required sleep. Take out time for activities which give you joy, like watching a good comedy or reading a good book. You can take up a hobby which had always fascinated you. Now is the time to pursue this.

Include some sort of an exercise in your daily routine.

Finally, you can try helping others if this is what makes you feel happy. You can donate food to the food banks or even cash to the needy. There are many who are going through very tough times and have no help.

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