10 Practical New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier, Happier life


10 Practical New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier

Each year at the strike of 12 on the clock you have people making resolutions to better themselves. There are many types of promises made, like some promise to quit smoking, some promise to lose weight, then there are some who promise to travel more or probably find a better job and the list goes on. These are termed as New Year’s resolutions and are generally made to make your life better and healthier. Though this tradition is followed most of the time the resolutions made are broken even before 6 months are over. These resolutions made on New-year can make a huge difference not only to your health but also your life.

  1. Reading more books:

The coming year can be more productive if you devote some part of the day to reading books. You need to make sure you keep aside those laptops and phones and enter this new world of books, be it fictional or non-fictional. It is known that reading can increase productivity and also prevent the cognitive decline. Research has proved that only 6 minutes of reading can bring down your stress levels by nearly 68%. This works better than sipping on that hot cup of tea or even listening to your favorite music.

  1. Picking up a Hobby:

Make the New Year Resolution interesting by choosing to pick up a hobby you always wanted to try out. Your brain health improves when you learn a new activity. Neural pathways are created in your brain when you take up to learning. A new skill learnt keeps the brain active and healthy and works perfect for preventing dementia. This can also raise your self-esteem by increasing your well-being psychologically. A New Year Resolution can be taking up to learning a language or learning some form of art, music or even choosing athletic activities.

  1. Exercise and more Exercise:
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Why not make a New Year Resolution to exercise if you have not started so far?  It is known that exercise can improve your mood, enhance memory, boosts productivity ad much more besides the perfect physical health. Fix a schedule to exercise on a daily basis, be it swimming, jogging, running or probably joining a gym. You can even choose to exercise from the comforts of your house if you are not the ‘outdoor’ type of a person.

  1. Sleep Well and Sleep Enough:

Your habits can make a difference to your mental and physical health. Make that resolution to sleep on time and sleep enough. Quantity and quality of sleep are important. You need to know that sleep can impact our performance and also our lives to a great extent. This sleep is as important as the food we eat or the air we breathe, more so for those suffering from a compromised immune system or chronic illnesses. Not getting enough sleep can lead to multiple ailments like blood pressure, heart diseases, dementia and Type 2 Diabetes. Why take a risk?

  1. Give yourself Priority:

Everyone around you is benefitted when you put yourself first. This New Year Resolution works well for those who have been neglecting themselves due to lack of time and inclination. Whenever you find yourself in one of those grumpy moods, do whatever it requires so that you can relax and get out of this state as soon as possible. You can take up journaling or probably cooking a meal, or even going for a walk and listening to your favorite music.

  1. Cut Down on Screen Time:
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Get rid of looking at the phone every time you feel you have some free time. This New Year Resolution might be tough for many but it is essential for your sanity. Staying connected all the time can make you nuts, you might not even realize this but there will be a time when you cannot function well if you do not look at the screen. Scrolling through social-media all the time can be a ‘negative’ for your self-esteem. You get a distorted perception of the reality that is as most of the time you are comparing yourselves to your friends or the models on Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Slowing down:

Not many must have even thought of making this New Year Resolution. Though life is fast these days but then why should you hurry so much? It is not necessary to finish all your tasks in one day. You need to slow down a bit and segregate your time wisely. You need to know that the quality of your work suffers when you take up to multitasking. This distraction can play havoc with your peace of mind and there is no way you can give equal attention to all the work you have taken up. Slow down as a New Year Resolution is perfect for all those busy bees out there.

  1. Be kind to yourself:

Appreciate the person you are and try not to choose making unnecessary changes this New Year. This New Year Resolution is apt for those who have low self-confidence and for those who are constantly criticizing themselves without any reason. You need to understand that each individual is different with their own set of flaws. No one is perfect. Once you accept yourself the way you are life gets easier. You tend to take care of yourself and give yourself the required importance.

  1. Healthy Eating:
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Why not make a New Year Resolution for your good health? You need to concentrate on good and healthy food. A balanced diet offers all the essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs. It is not difficult to stay away from junk and processed food once you have made this resolution. You can look forward to a ‘healthy’ year with a balanced diet.

  1. Focus on Breathing:

You can get a control over your emotions and feeling once you learn how to focus on your breathing. This is perfect not only for your mental health but also for your physical well-being. If followed regularly, this New Year Resolution can work wonders for you.

Decide and plan on a resolution before the clock chimes to 12midnight and make sure you can keep it.

10 Practical New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier | 10 Practical New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier

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