Tips for Immunity Building


Tips for Immunity Building

It is definitely important to boost your immunity so that you can avoid the risks of the multiple infections. The viral infections and the bacterial infections seem to be on a rampage and are all out to ensure that those with low immunity suffer. Boosting immunity before these infections get hold of you is definitely better than waiting for disaster to strike.

Change your life-style with the tips listed below and mark the big difference in your immune system.

  1. Get Enough Sleep:

Lack of sleep not only leads to fatigue but can also activate the inflammatory immune response. This reduces the activity of the T-cells in a human body. This is one type of white blood cell which tends to guard the body against different ailments. In short, make sure you catch around 7 – 8 hours of your beauty sleep. Those late nights on a regular basis are the culprits of multiple ailments.

  1. Bring Down the Levels of Stress:

The hormone cortisol is released when you body is going through stress. This means, you are heading for trouble as the immunity is down and low. Why not just ‘let go’ off this stress? Learn to relax and unwind. Make sure you get some time every day for relaxing and do what you like and enjoy the most during this time. This can be reading, painting or just laying back and listening to your favorite music. To help you relax you can meditate or start with deep breathing.

  1. Alcohol intake:
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Research has proved that excessive intake of alcohol can harm the immune system. This can also damage the liver to a great extent. You can enjoy an occasional drink or two well within limits. This limited intake of alcohol works in the positive for the human body.

  1. Include Plenty of Vegetables:

Increase the intake of vegetables. This is beneficial to the overall health. You can decide on the seasonal vegetables available locally. This can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even during your in-between hunger. Different salads can be interesting and tasty.

  1. Build your Social Network:

Communicating with like-minded people is proven to be healthy. This keeps a check on your mental happiness and also benefits with your physical well-being. Make new friends if you have been a recluse and have that get-togethers once a week at least.

  1. Try being Positive:

Eliminate all those dark and negative thoughts and look for something positive in everything that is happening around you. Positive thoughts are beneficial for good health and can help in building your immunity.

  1. Kick the Nicotine habit:

Smoking is one habit which can cause havoc in your body. This not only suppresses the immunity but can also lead to cancers, lung ailments and cardiovascular diseases. Try avoiding second hand smoke to be safe.

Adding Foods in your diet:

There are specific foods and spices which can boost the immunity. You need to ensure you add these to your daily diet.


Ginger is normally taken when you have a cold. You can increase the intake of ginger to ensure you do not get that cold. This can also help in fighting inflammation in the body. Ginger helps in getting some relief from a sore throat and can also decrease nausea.

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Vitamin E is essential for boosting the immune system. Add a few almonds to your daily diet and observe the difference. This can be had during breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

*Water Melon:

One cup of water melon contains around 270 mg of potassium, which is almost 30% of the daily requirement of Vitamin A and around 25% of the required vitamin C. This is not only good for the immune system but is also beneficial for the weight loss program as it contains negligible calories.

*Wheat germ:

The innermost part of the kernel of wheat is known as the wheat germ. This is supposedly the most nutritious part of this grain. This is loaded with zinc, Vitamin E and other vitamins. You can sprinkle this on top of your salads or yogurt in your daily meals.


Nutritionists advise on consuming yogurt three times a day. You are provided with 400 gm of calcium, 11 grams of proteins and 250 calories with each serving of this low fat yogurt. This consumption also helps you meet your daily requirement of Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.As yogurt is rich in probiotics this helps in boosting the immune system and spares you from the discomfort of the common cold and flu.


Consuming tea is important when you are looking to boost your immune system. The flavonoids and polyphenols are antioxidants present in tea, which can manage the immunity. It is advisable to choose green tea as this works in the positive for the blood lipids. This brings down the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol.

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*Sweet Potatoes:

For all the nutrition required by your body on a daily basis include one medium sized sweet potato. This provides 120% of the daily requirement of vitamin A and 30% of the Vitamin C requirement. This is fat-free and also cholesterol-free. Thus, you can consider this as one of the ‘safest’ food to have on a daily basis.

*Pomegranate Juice:

Extracts of pomegranate have antiviral properties that can protect against herpes, flu and many other viruses. Research has proved that intake of pomegranate also promotes the growth of the good bacteria in your gut. This tends to boost the immune system to a large extent.


Loaded with Vitamin C, papaya is known for its immunity boosting properties. The digestive enzyme, papain, present in Papaya helps in digestion problems and any inflammation problem in your body.

A healthy and robust immune system helps you lead a normal life without any infections. A few changes made to your life-style can help you lead a healthy life without having to run to the doctor every few days. You can say, you lead a ‘normal’ life without problems.

Tips for Immunity Building

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