What are the Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment?


What are the Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment?

Before getting anxious and panicky about the corona virus causing havoc in China, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of this. Viruses can be tackled in the specific manner only if you have the required knowledge. We go step-by-step to provide you all the required information on the China corona virus outbreak.

What is Corona Virus?

The corona virus gets its name due to the shape which is similar to a crown. This virus was first detected in the year 1960. Most often, this virus affect animals and at times, even humans. This virus spreads in a similar manner as the virus which causes a cold. This is through sneezing or coughing of an infected person, touching door knobs, railing or even touching the face or the hand of the infected person.

The China corona virus, Wuhan has infected almost 2,000 citizens of China and claimed around 80 lives.

Common Symptoms of Corona Virus:

The corona virus symptoms are similar to those of the infection of the upper respiratory tract. This includes coughing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing and at times, a fever. Most of the times, it is difficult to diagnose the corona virus due to its similarities to a cold virus.

You need to get the throat and nose cultures along with a lab test and blood work to find out if the symptoms you experience are those of a China corona virus, Wuhan.

You need to be aware that this corona virus can also lead to bronchitis or pneumonia. This is common with people who have a compromised immune system, cardiopulmonary disease, older adults or small children.

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Prevention of Corona Virus:

Protecting yourself from Corona virus China is important especially presently as this virus is infectious during the incubation period and hard to contain. The basic prevention tips are

*Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth with hands that are unwashed

*Avoid any close contact with those who are suffering from any flu like symptoms

*Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

If you are suffering from a cold you need to ensure the required protection tips

*Stay indoors when you are sick

*cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, throw the paper towel in the dust bin and scrub your hands

*Disinfect and clean surfaces and objects.

Scientists have not fully understood the potential of this new virus, China corona virus Wuhan. The investigators and the researchers are now beginning to figure out where this virus originated, how far it has spread and how it is transmitted.

China Corona virus Outbreak:

This China corona virus, Wuhan, seems to have originated from the Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan. Wuhan is a city which is located south of Beijing and has a population of around 11 million people. This city is bigger than Washington DC and almost the same size of London. Due to the economic clout and the size of Wuhan, this corona virus has travelled quickly around United States and also Asia.

China Corona Virus Death Toll:

The China corona virus death toll is now 106 as new infection cases seem to have doubled up in only a day. As of 27th January, the cases of this virus rose to a staggering 4,515 from 2,835 which were only one day earlier.

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The restrictions on travel have tightened and it is mandatory to wear masks in many cities. Though the epicenter of the corona virus is Wuhan, this has now spread not only across China but to other international destinations.

China Corona Virus Cover-up:

There are specific reports stating that the lethality of the Corona virus is being suppressed by China. China is making all the efforts to underreport the exact extent of this epidemic for as long as this is possible.

The Chinese authorities are putting down ‘viral pneumonia’ as the cause of multiple deaths instead of the actual cause. This cover-up of the deaths due to the corona virus in China is specifically to avoid any panic.

China Corona virus CDC:

This outbreak of the corona virus in China is being closely monitored by the CDC (Center of Disease Control) as this is expanding and spreading from person-to-person in different parts of the country.

China Corona Virus USA:

USA has a limited amount of imported cases of this corona virus, China. At present this virus is NOT spreading in the United States.

China Corona Virus Cure:

Presently, there is no cure for the corona virus, China. The symptoms are similar to a common cold and thus treated in a similar manner. This virus tends to cause pneumonia in severe cases. This viral pneumonia causes difficulty in breathing and inflammation of the lungs. This is definitely a cause of concern.

Viral pneumonia does not respond to anti-biotic and presently, there are no anti-viral drugs for this virus.

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The doctors treating patients suffering from the corona virus, China, focus on the support of the lung functions. These patients are either given oxygen or placed on ventilators. The other symptoms of this corona virus are treated with the normal symptomatic drugs given for fever and inflammation, like paracetamol and ipobrufen.

Situation in Wuhan:

Ferried, buses, trains and subways have been stopped from leaving Wuhan, which is the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak. Flights have also been suspended and road blocks present in multiple places.

Wuhan is a large city and it is not possible to turn this into an isolation ward. Sealing this city will require an army.

Cities are shaped in an unorthodox manner and blocking every connection and road is just not possible. This can be done to a certain extent but not totally foolproof.

In humans, the incubation period of this disease is anywhere between one day and 14 days. Without any symptoms, there is no way an individual knows he/she is infected or not. This is the time there are more chances of the corona virus spreading.

What are the Coronavirus Symptoms:


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