Soups for boosting immunity


Soups are considered as ‘all-season’ meals. There are number of ways you can make soups and these tend to work apt for summer as well as winters, or monsoons. You have the choice of opting for warm soups during winters and chilled soups during the hot summer months. These are considered as ‘comfort’ food as cooking and consuming these is easy. There is no effort required and you do not have to sweat it out in the kitchen. Besides which, in-take of soups is ensuring your body gets all the required nutrients. You need to be a little creative and for sure, you can make the soup of your liking.

Monsoon is one time which tends to increase your cravings and hunger pangs. Opting for any soup is safe and healthy.

Before offering you tips on different soups, you can go though the different benefits this offers.

Soups and Benefits:

* Most of the sups offer a rich taste and since there is a wide range of choices available you can make a different one each day. There is no way you can get bored of consuming a soup every day.

*The manner in which soups are made ensures that the nutritional value is in-tact. You are sure you have opted for ‘healthy’ meal.

*Any soup, be it a vegetable soup, lentil soup or even chicken soup satisfies your stomach. This is soft on the stomach and offers a warm feeling.

*The digestive system is in good health as most of the soups have enough and more of fiber.

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*Your skin and your body cells are kept in shape as soup is fluid and the water in-take is ensured.

Easy Soups for consumption:

  1. Cauliflower and Corn Soup:

Cauliflower can be used in making pizza bases, pastas, rice and soups. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C which ensures a strong immunity. This can be an apt ‘monsoon’ soup.

  1. Moong dal, Coconut and Kiwi Soup:

This combination of lentils, coconut and kiwi offers a unique taste with enough and more of the required proteins. Kiwi provides the boost in immunity and the coconut provides the healthy fats required of a human body. The kiwi in this soup offers a tasty fruity flavor.

  1. Seafood Broth:

This specific soup has a combination of sea bass, prawns and squid and s apt for all those who love sea-food. As prawns have zinc, these works apt for the immune system with an additional benefit of antioxidants present. You need to be aware that sea food is a source of Omega-3 acids along with proteins.

Besides helping you to keep warm, soups are ideal for those looking to lose some weight. This is one meal which is apt for the cold days and is anytime better as compared to all the tea and coffee. Coffee or tea can lead to dehydration, but not soups.

It has been proved that intake of delicious soups can also help in keeping the pains and aches at bay.

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