Eating Egg for Heart Health


Eating Egg for Heart Health

Egg is considered as a ‘super’ food by many, and rightfully so as this has a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and a lot more. This is a versatile and important ingredient for cooking. This provides multiple health benefits which are so essential these days. Listed are the many benefits of eating eggs on a regular basis.

  1. High in Cholesterol:

An egg is definitely high in cholesterol but does not affect the blood cholesterol in any way. An egg contains 212mg which works out to nearly half of the daily intake recommended.

You need to be aware that large amounts of cholesterol are produced by your liver every day. When you consume more of cholesterol you liver balances this out by producing less.

Response to consuming eggs is different in different individuals.

  1. Eggs for Nutrition:

Eggs are rich in different nutrients and are thus considered as one of the ‘best’ nutritious foods. One boiled egg contains 6% of Vitamin A, 5% of foliate, 15% of Vitamin B2, 7% of Vitamin B5, 9% of vitamin B12, 9% of phosphorous and 22% of Selenium of the recommended dose. This also contains a good amount of Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B6 along with zinc and calcium. This has 5 grams of the healthy fats, 6 grams of proteins and 77 calories.

You can term eggs as the ‘perfect’ food.

  1. Eggs contain Choline:

Most people are not aware that choline is a nutrient which is important. This is used for building membranes of the cell and also plays an important role in passing signals to the molecules in the brain. Deficiency of choline is rare. One whole egg contains almost 100 mg of this nutrient.

  1. Eggs Raise the ‘Good’ Cholesterol (HDL):
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High-density lipoproteins or HDL is ‘good’ cholesterol. People who have high levels of this are spared of risks of stroke, heart diseases and various other health related problems. Intake of eggs ensures good levels of HDL.

  1. Eggs are beneficial for Eye-health:

Eggs contain Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which are important anti-oxidants for the good health of the eyes. Eye problems tend to increase with age. Intake of specific nutrients can counteract the degenerative process that affects the eyes. With consumption of eggs on a regular basis there is less risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

  1. Eggs reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases:

LDL or the ‘bad’ cholesterol is segregated into sub-types based on the particle’s size. These can be the dense, small LDL particles and large particles. Those who have the small and dense particles of the LDL are more prone to different heart diseases as compared to those who have the large particles of LDL.

Eggs can raise the LDL level in a mild manner but these particles are the large particles of the LDL.

  1. Quality Proteins with Eggs:

As known, proteins are considered as the building blocks of the human body. These are required for making different molecules and tissues that are required for functional and structural purposes. Thus, it is important to ensure you get enough proteins from your diet.

Eggs can be that ‘perfect’ source of proteins as this has 6 grams of protein in one egg.

With the required amino acids present in eggs, you body is able to use the proteins right. Consuming enough of proteins helps in loss of weight, lower the blood pressure, increase the muscle mass, and also optimize the health of the bone.

  1. Pastured or Omega-3 Eggs can Lower the Triglycerides:
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Eggs from those hens that were raised on pasture or given feeds rich in Omega-3 are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and are different from those eggs got from normal hens.

These eggs with a high content of Omega-3 reduce triglycerides in the blood level, which is definitely beneficial for the health.

  1. Eggs reduce the risk of Stroke:

Since decades eggs have been demonized. It has been said that consuming eggs can increase the risk of heart disease due to the presence of cholesterol. Studies have proved otherwise. Consuming eggs is in no way connected to any heart-disease.

  1. Eggs help in Loss of Weight:

As known, eggs contain a good amount of proteins, which is one of the most satiating nutrients. Consuming only one egg can keep you full for a longer period of time and you can easily keep away from all those unhealthy snacks and processed foods.

Eating just one egg for breakfast can limit your intake of calories during the day.

  1. Prevent Breast Cancer:

Consuming eggs during the adolescent years could help in the prevention of breast cancer. This has been proved by different studies. This is due to the presence of choline in eggs, which tends to bring down the risk of breast cancer to nearly 44 percent.

Factors to consider:

Before getting into a full-fledge egg diet it is important to consider specific factors.

*Those who are suffering from diabetes or any type of heart problem need to pay close attention to their intake of cholesterol in the diet. Eggs can be less dangerous if you plan out on a diet with less of cholesterol foods.

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*Vegetarians can increase their intake of eggs for the required nutrients and proteins.

*It is important to refrigerate eggs and cook them fully as raw eggs can lead to salmonella.

*The American association of heart advises on consuming one egg for those who eat them.

*You can also have only the egg white as this contains a lot of proteins. The egg yolk has a good amount of cholesterol.

Consuming eggs is the cheapest and easiest way to up the protein intake. These provide innumerable health benefits and are considered as ‘safe’ eating, depending on how these are cooked. You can poach, scramble, fry eggs. Make sure you use the right oil for this cooking of the eggs. It is best to eat eggs for breakfast as they provide the required amount of proteins and can also help in keeping you full for a long span of time.

Eating Egg for Heart Health

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