3-Ingredient Protein-Rich Soya Chunk Delight May Help You Shed Extra Kilos


Shed Kilos with Soya: Foods which are rich in proteins are fast gaining importance in the world of nutrition and health. It is a known fact that including proteins in your daily diet is essential. Besides inducing the satiety feeling, protein helps in repairing and building of muscles. For the non-vegetarians it is easy to get the required protein from the different meats, it is for the vegetarians that the choice gets tough. Soya is one option which is appropriate for the consumption of proteins. These can be used not only in different curries’ but also for snacks.

Functions of Proteins:

As mentioned, protein is one of the essential requirements of a human body. There are multiple functions performed by proteins. This includes

  1. Growth and Maintenance:

A human body requires protein for the maintenance and growth of tissues. Normally, a body breaks down only that much of protein which is required for the repair and maintenance, but there are times the body needs to break down more protein than what is created. Athletes, older people, and those recovering from an injury or even surgery require more of proteins.

  1. Messenger:

There are specific proteins which are hormones and help in the communication between the tissues, cells and different organs. These are made by the endocrine glands or tissues and transported to the blood.

  1. Maintenance of pH:

Proteins are important for the regulation of the concentrations of bases and acids in different bodily fluids and also the blood. This balance between the bases and acids is measured with the help of the pH scale.

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Proteins play the role of a buffer system to ensure your body maintains the proper pH values.

  1. Bolstering of the Immune system:

Immunoglobulins and antibodies are formed with the help of proteins and these help in fighting different infections. Antibodies are a form of proteins which help the body fight different viruses and bacteria.

  1. Storing and transporting Nutrients:

Proteins help in transporting nutrients through the blood stream, in the cells, within the cells and even out of the cells. There are specific proteins which store nutrients.

Some Benefits of Soya:

Understanding the different benefits of soya can help you choose this and include it in your daily diet.

*Soya has more protein as compared to meat, milk and even eggs.

*Consuming soya on a regular basis can bring down the levels of cholesterol as this contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

*The problem of insomnia is sorted out as this contains a lot of magnesium.

*The isoflavones present in soya helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis in women going through menopause.

*This contains a number of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

*Soya also contains Vitamin B, Vitamin K, foliate and riboflavin.

Understanding the different functions of proteins along with the benefits of soya, you need to ensure you include this in your routine diet. A soya meal is considered as a ‘wholesome’ meal and helps in maintain a perfect health along with the ideal weight.

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