Sleeping during Stressful Times


A good sleep of minimum 7 hours is the requirement of every individual. Sleep deprivation can cause havoc not only to your physical health but also to the mental health. Anxiety seems to be increasing with each passing day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting the required amount of sleep might work out a tiring affair for many. You need to be aware that sleep and immunity are inter-connected and this immunity is what you need during these times. Besides the different norms you follow to prevent this corona virus, make sure you get your quality sleep which also works as a protection against the virus.

Here are some tips to follow for the sleep you so require.

  1. Keep a Strict Routine:

There are many adjustments being made during these trying times. There are some who are getting used to working from home while others are laid off and do not have any clue how they are going to carry on with their lives. Whatever the circumstances might be, it is important that you stick to a fixed routine so that you get your sleep on a regular basis.

Even if you are working from home, ensure you get up at a fixed time and get dressed for work like you normally do. You feel less disrupted when you follow a strict routine.

  1. Ensure you Exercise:

You need to make sure that exercise is a part of your normal routine even if the gym has closed down. You can face multiple health problems when you lead a sedentary life style. This can affect your physical health and you find it difficult to sleep as your body is not tired at all. Exercise can make you tired to the right level and getting sleep gets easier.

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  1. Avoid Unnecessary Napping:

It is natural to find your bedroom or your couch a little tempting since you are at home the whole day. Sleeping during the day makes sleeping at night a little tougher. As mentioned, it is important to follow a strict routine so that you do not have time for being lazy.

  1. Structure the Intake of News:

Watching news throughout the day is damaging to your mental state. This can increase the level of anxiety, which in turn, makes it difficult to relax and sleep. Schedule a fixed time for going through the news so that this does not affect you to the extreme.

  1. Avoid Excessive Intake of Alcohol:

Going overboard with drinking does not solve any problem. This is no cure for the virus. You can limit your drinks to one or maximum, two in a day only for the ‘feel good’ factor. Excessive drinking will not help you get the restful sleep you so need.

  1. Limit Light Exposure during Bedtime:

Talking about light, this is not only the normal lights you are using but also the light emitted by your phone, laptop or other gadgets. You need to keep away all these gadgets at least two hours before you hit the bed.

Get your quality sleep and add another layer of protection against the corona virus.

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