Skin Care in winters


Skin Care in winters:

Winters are always welcome for most people but not many are aware of the fact that this season can play havoc with your skin. Before you suffer the consequences of this harsh weather on your skin it is advisable to have a skin care regime on a regular basis. This can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Ensuring a soft, supple skin during this season can be a challenge for many, but not if you follow some of the tips listed below.

  1. Ensure Hydration:

Keeping your body well hydrated can help your skin. Most people choose caffeinated drinks instead of water. This is no solution; you need to ensure you have plain and simple water, and plenty of this, to ensure good hydration for your skin. It is possible that you forget to have water during this season. Keep a reminder on your phone so that you are regular with good hydration.

  1. Appropriate Covering:

You need to make sure you are well covered with warm clothing during this season. Make use of socks and gloves to ensure that your hands and feet are not exposed to the cold and dry air. Wearing socks at bedtime can help in not only keeping your feet warm but also moist. For additional moisture, apply foot cream after you have washed your feet at night.

  1. Replace the Moisturizer:

Use a moisturizer which is oil-based during winter. This can help in sealing the water in your skin and keep it well moisturized as compared to the moisturizers which are water-based. Overlooking the use of moisturizer can make your skin flaky and dry. This is definitely uncomfortable and annoying. You need to moisturize your hands every time they are washed.

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  1. Bathe with a Moisturizing body wash:

Using soap or a body wash which is enriched with the essential oils and creams can add to the comfort in winter months.

  1. Intake of veggies:

Celery and cucumbers have a high content of water. This is the perfect snack you need to indulge in during this season. Veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, red peppers are perfect when you need to ensure good skin hydration. Add green leafy vegetables like spinach to boost the consumption of Vitamin B, Vitamin A and vitamin E.

  1. Turn the Heat Down:

The bath water needs to be ‘warm’ and not ‘hot’. Using hot water is definitely a favored choice for many during this season but this does more harm than good to your skin as it tends to dry the skin quickly.

  1. Omega-3 Fats:

Studies have proved that any deficiency in Omega-3 Fats can lead to the drying up of the hands. Consume a lot of olive oil, salmon and walnuts for the required Omega-3 fats.

  1. Using Sunscreen:

Using sunscreen even during the cold winter months is essential as the skin tends to get damaged when exposed to the harmful UV rays. Ensure your face, neck and hands are well looked after by applying sunscreen whenever you step out of the house.

Soft and supple skin is possible even during those cold winter days with a little effort.


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