Are chickpeas healthy


Are chickpeas healthy:

Also known as chana, chick-peas are favored not only in India but all around the world. These were cultivated originally in the Middle East and Mediterranean. There are different varieties of chick-peas (garbanzo beans). You find them in red, black, green and beige. Similar to other beans, chick peas have a high content of fiber and proteins along with several essential minerals and vitamins. As these are considered as ‘good’ quality of lean proteins, they are favored by the vegans and vegetarians. There are different delicacies which can be made using these chick peas.

Few Facts About chick-peas:

* Chick peas are most common in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diets.

*These are high in fiber, carbohydrates and also proteins.

*These are also known as garbanzo beans.

* Before cooking chick peas you need to soak these for around 8 to 10 hours.

Some benefits of chick-peas:

  1. Bone-Health:

The presence of magnesium, calcium, phosphate, Vitamin K and zinc contribute in maintaining and building the bone strength and structure. The Vitamin K present in chick peas helps in the absorption of calcium, while the balanced proportion of calcium and phosphate present in chick peas assists the bone mineralization.

Vitamin K also reduces the excretion of calcium through urine.

  1. Diabetes:

Those who are suffering from Type-1 diabetes need to consume a diet of high fiber for the required low levels of blood glucose, and for those suffering from Type-2 diabetes the high intake of fiber tends to improve lipid, blood sugar and the levels of insulin. Chick peas works perfect as this has a high content of fiber.

  1. Heart Health:
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With the appropriate amount of fiber present in chick peas, the cholesterol levels are balanced. This tends to bring down the risk of any heart disease.

  1. Weight Management:

Chick peas are well suited to a weight loss diet as this contains good amounts of fiber and proteins. Fiber and proteins keep you full for a longer period of time and curb the hunger pangs, which is an essential requirement for weight loss.

  1. Liver and Nervous system:

With a good amount of foliate and Vitamin B9 present in chick peas, muscle and brain development is well managed. Besides this, you can look forward to the nervous system functioning in the right manner. The metabolisation of fat in the liver is looked after and thus this can function well.

  1. Cancer:

With chick peas included in your daily diet the risk of specific types of cancers are eliminated. The fatty acid, butyrate, which is known to reduce inflammation in the colon cells, is promoted by eating chick peas on a regular basis. These chick peas are also known to be the source of saponins, which can helpful in preventing specific types of cancers. Saponins can also curb growth of different tumors.

Including chick peas in your diet is beneficial in more than one way. These are affordable and considered as ‘safe’ for health.


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