Choosing Keto Diet


Choosing Keto Diet

A Ketogenic diet plan is protein-filled, low in carbohydrates and high in fat plan that makes a body burn the fats instead of the carbohydrates. Besides being helpful in treating epileptic children, this diet plan is beneficial for weight loss and strengthening of the core. Listed below are some benefits of this healthy diet.

  1. Fight Obesity:

With the low intake of carbs, the keto diet can fight obesity by bringing down the BMI of an individual. Obesity is a major problem at present times and only exercise does not help in any way. Besides reducing the blood glucose and cholesterol, a keto diet also lowers the triglyceride level. This factor of triglyceride is one major cause of weight gain.

  1. Diseases treated:

Studies have proved that with the keto diet you can also control multiple diseases as there is a low intake of carbohydrates. Keto diets have proved to help those dealing with cardiovascular diseases as this diet pumps up the lipid panels of the blood and also lowers the cholesterol.

A Keto diet can also tackle diabetes as this lowers the insulin resistance and reduce the outputs of glucose.

  1. Antioxidants Benefit:

This ketogenic diet is high on antioxidants and thus can prevent oxidative damage which normally can occur during hypoglycemia. This diet prevents the weak cell destruction and also creates strong and new cells to fight off disease and inflammation.

With the increase in antioxidants the body is able to balance the free radicals within the human body. The immune system and level f energy is taken care of. With the removal of free radicals the memory function is improved and there is a boost to the immune system.

  1. Reduces Seizures:
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The combination of protein, fats and carbs alters the usage of energy by the body. Ketosis means an elevated level of ketone bodies. This brings down the seizures in those suffering from epilepsy.

Tips for Ketosis:

Following some tips can help you get into ketosis faster.

*Including coconut oil in a diet can help achieve ketosis. This contains fats which are termed as triglycerides of the medium-chain (MCT’s). These can be absorbed much faster and are taken to the liver where they are used immediately for the required energy or probably converted in to ketones.

*Physical activity needs to be increased so that you can achieve ketosis quicker.

*Increase the intake of healthy fats for a boost to the levels of ketone. It is important to make a choice of high quality source of fats as this can be beneficial.

*Try Fasting to help you acheive ketosis. You have the choice of choosing intermittent fasting for reaching ketosis quicker.

*Consumption of adequate proteins is essential in a keto diet. This helps you in supplying the liver with the required amino acids which can be used for gluconeogenesis.

It is advisable to take the advice from a qualified dietician or a nutritionist before you start a keto diet. This can ensure that you follow that perfect diet which is in accordance to the requirement.

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