9 Causes of High Cholesterol in 2020


9 Causes of High Cholesterol in 2020:

You find both, good and bad cholesterol in a human body. A balanced level of both the cholesterol can work in the positive for the body. With any increase in the bad cholesterol your body is at a risk of heart attack or other heart diseases. The natural functions of cholesterol include digesting the food, generating vitamin D and producing hormones. You need to be aware that there are no specific symptoms associated with high cholesterol. It is important to make certain changes to your life style for bringing down the levels of the bad cholesterol.

Here we go through some of the causes of high cholesterol.

  1. Your Diet:

Your diet can be one of the major causes of the cholesterol problem. The fat you consume can lead to high cholesterol. Most of these unhealthy fats are found in animal meat like pork, beef, or even eggs, milk and cheese. This harmful fat is also present in packaged food and vegetable shortening, stick margarine, cookies, chips or crackers. It is thus important to chart out a diet plan which is considered healthy and nutritious. Include lots of vegetables and fruits to bring down the level of cholesterol.

  1. Your Level of Activity:

Most people these days lead a sedentary life, which is another major cause of high cholesterol. This lying down on the sofa and watching your favorite program on the TV causes more harm than good. Get up and get moving. You need to ensure you walk for a minimum of 30 minutes every day if you are not doing any other exercise.

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  1. Your Weight:

The extra weight you flaunt is the cause of the increase in triglycerides, which lead to high cholesterol. You need to manage this in the right manner by following a well balanced diet and regular exercise. Ensure you get your beauty sleep of around 7 to 8 hours and keep yourself stress free.

  1. Your Health Overall:

It is important to have regular check-up. Early diagnosis of any disease makes it easier to tackle. High cholesterol can also be due to hyperthyroidism or diabetes.

  1. Gender and Age:

Your level of cholesterol rise automatically once you cross 20 years. This gets leveled off at the age of 50 in men and in women, the level of cholesterol is fairly stable till they cross menopause.

  1. Smoking kills:

This stands true as cigarettes not only increase the bad cholesterol but can be the cause of multiple ailments. Why not give up this on an immediate basis to get rid of all your health problems.

  1. Family History:

If any of your family members is suffering from this high cholesterol, there are more chances of even you getting it. Prevention is better than cure, and it is thus important to take the required precautions once you know that high cholesterol runs in the family.

Now that you know all the possible causes of high cholesterol, you need to make the required changes in your life-style and diet.

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