Peanuts for Weight Loss


Peanuts for Weight Loss

For that perfect and healthy weight-loss diet you need to eliminate all the fatty foods from your regular diet. This also includes all those in-between snacks. You need to be aware that peanuts can help you in managing your weight in a perfect manner. This can ensure a ‘healthier’ you. Even a ‘modest’ weight loss offers multiple benefits. You need to go slow and steady when deciding on a weight loss program.

Choosing Peanuts for Weight-loss:

Consuming peanuts in a moderate amount can help you in the journey of weight loss. Though peanuts are considered as high calorie and fat they can keep you satiated for a long period of time. This means you do not look for unhealthy snacks for the in-between hunger.

Other Benefits of Peanuts:

*Prevention of Gallstone:

Peanuts are known to lower the level of cholesterol in a human body and due to this the risk of gallstones is lowered.

*Health of the Heart:

The presence of different nutrients which are considered ‘heart-healthy’ in peanuts ensures good health of the heart and can lower the risk of different heart diseases.


Peanuts are known to contain resveratol, which is an anti-ageing molecule. This molecule can fight the fat cells proliferation and also leads to an improvement in the uptake of sugar. This molecule in peanuts s found in the skin and the seed.


Studies have proved that consuming peanuts can bring down the levels of cholesterol due to the presence of phytosterols.

*Reduces Inflammation:

Most nuts have anti-inflammatory properties. As known, chronic inflammation can increase the damage to different organs and also increase the risks for different diseases. Peanuts, as this is one form of nuts, can bring down the levels of inflammation.

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*Reduces the risk of Diabetes:

Peanuts slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and can help in keeping the blood sugar level throughout the day.

*Source of Biotin:

Biotin is considered as an essential nutrient for the well-being of an individual. This is a part of Vitamin B and is present in peanuts.

* Copper in Peanuts:

Copper is a micronutrient which is important for multiple physiological processes. This forms a part of enzymes which tend to govern the production of energy and the neural activity. Any deficiency of copper can affect the cardiovascular health.

Consumption of Too Much of Peanuts:

As mentioned, peanuts are definitely healthy but need to be had in a limited manner. These can be helpful in your weight-loss diet but too much of this can reverse the benefit and can lead to gaining weight.

Peanuts are also allergens which can cause allergy which is life-threatening. This reaction to peanuts is unpredictable.

Symptoms of Peanut allergy:

Some symptoms which can occur due to a peanut allergy are tightening of the throat, tingling in the throat or the mouth, skin reactions like swelling, redness or hives, digestive problems, wheezing or shortness of breath. It is important to consult a doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms after consuming peanuts.

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