30 Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Loss of Weight


30 Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Loss of Weight

Most of you are looking for easy ways to lose weight and following this 30 day ketogenic meal plan can help you achieve this. You will definitely want to follow this diet due to its extreme simplicity and effectiveness in a short span of time. To make this diet plan easier we list some tips which need to be followed.

Tips before Starting a Ketogenic Diet:

Before starting this weight loss diet you need to be aware that it is difficult to lose weight when your consumption is more than the body expending. You need to take into account problems related to hormones, endocrine and other deficiencies.

Macronutrients, also known as ‘macros’ are the essential ‘3’ – carbs, proteins and fats. You need to have an understanding of how much or how little you need for achieving the goals you have set. It is okay to be a little flexible, with a few extra calories on one day and few calories on the next day. You need to enjoy what you are doing and this is not possible with rigidness.

Week 1 :

Since it is your first week on ketogenic diet, we will make it as simple as possible. An easy-transition works well for most as it is not easy to get rid of your cravings.


You need to make sure you choose a simple and tasty breakfast, one that can give you leftovers so that you do not have to be in the kitchen the rest of the week. This week is stressing on ‘simplicity’.

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You can again choose a simple meal like meat and salads which are smeared in dressings of high fat in the first week of this diet. You got the choice of making use of the leftover meat or plan on the canned fish or chicken. Read the labels if you are using the canned stuff and make sure this does not contain too much of additives.


Dinner is full of leafy greens like spinach and broccoli with a little bit of meat. Once more you will be going on moderate for the proteins and high on fat.

For the first two weeks of this ketogenic diet desserts need to be excluded.

Week 2:

You might be a little confident as you have sailed through the first week of this diet. Let us see what changes we need to make in the 2nd week of the keto diet.


For breakfast we add some keto-proof coffee. You can decide on the tea if you are not too fond of this. This keto-proof coffee is consumed for a number of reasons

*This consumption of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) can lead to loss in the fat tissue.

*Eating fat leads to a rise in the energy levels, with usage of energy being efficient with an effective loss of weight. This is the main component of the Ketogenic diet.

*Energy expenditure increases with the quick rate of oxidation in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s).The MCFA’s are the ones which are converted in ketones. These MCFA’s are absorbed in a different manner by our body as compared to the oils used normally, and also gives us more energy.

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You can use spices or even sweetener for that specific flavor you are looking for. Take your time to consume this keto-proof coffee if you are trying it out for the first time.


This remains simple with green vegetables, some meat and also high fat dressings. It is important to ensure that you balance the amount of proteins with the amount of fats.


Vegetables, meat and high fat dressings are for your dinner. You can even slather some butter on your vegetables. The first 2 weeks calls for simplicity to get the required success.

Week 3:

This week you need to introduce ‘fasting’. Consume all the required fats in the morning half and fast right till dinner time. In this state of fasting, your body breaks down the extra fats stored for the required energy.


You need to go full fledged on the fats you consume and also increase the keto-proof coffee. In short, you double up the butter, coconut oil and heavy cream. This works out to a lot of calories which can keep you full till dinner. Ensure you consume a lot of water for the required hydration.


There is no lunch but the meal had during breakfast keeps you full. It is wiser not to even think about this. Here we repeat, go for that bottle of water.


Dinner is the same with vegetables, meat and of course, fats. You can start on the desserts which are low in carbs but are definitely tasty. You are lucky as you can cater to your cravings for sweets and yet lose weight.

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Week 4:

This week you are going to concentrate more on the intake of water as you will be skipping breakfast and lunch. You can also drink tea, coffee or flavored water. Ignore the growling of your stomach.


You have the choice between black coffee or green tea. Both of these offer multiple health benefits. The polyphenols in green tea are effective against all the fatigue. This green tea tackles anxiety with an increase to the metabolism.


Water and more water is all that you need to concentrate on as during this time, it is important to ensure you are well hydrated. 4 liters everyday works well for those following this diet plan.


Go for all the food you can with your favorite keto desserts. You can have a small snack to break your fast and after around half an hour or so eat till you burst.

This ketogenic diet is diuretic and you might be running to the loo more often. It is important to stress on the intake of salt and water so that you can avoid those ‘nasty’ headaches. Take into account the different benefits this ketogenic diet offers so that you go through this even when you find it difficult.

30 Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Loss of Weight

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