6 Eating Habits that can weaken the Immune System


6 Eating Habits that can weaken the Immune System: A low immunity is the cause of multiple ailments. Every disease out there seems to attack your body. It is advisable to ensure you work towards building your immunity and ensure you do not get lax with this. You will have o work towards changing your life-style and probably even your diet when you wish to have a good immune system. Here are some tips to avoid when you looking to boost your immune system.

  1. Avoid Alcohol:

The whole world is going through an unprecedented crisis and it is definitely extremely tough handling this. A glass of wine occasionally can be helpful during these times, but going overboard with alcohol and getting drunk every night is asking for big time trouble. As known, COVID -19 is worst for those with a weak immune system. This can lead to further complications like pneumonia or ARDS (Acute respiratory syndrome.

2. Limit intake of Sugar:

Cutting down on the intake of sugar is not only good for your immunity but also works in the positive for your mental health. There are many who binge on sugary processed foods during any type of stress. These times are definitely testing but you can swap this unhealthy eating with healthy eating, like choosing fruits or different kinds of salads.

Limit intake of Sugar

  1. Consume less Salt:

Studies have proved that excess salt does not only lead to high blood pressure or heart problems but can also weaken your immunity. Though COVID -19 is a viral infection, there is a possibility of this leading to different bacterial infections.

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It is advisable to avoid all types of junk and processed foods during these times.

Consume less Salt

  1. Not enough of Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables are extremely important for the required immunity as these can provide all the required nutrients which include Folate and Vitamin A and vitamin C. The most suitable vegetables for a boost to your immunity are kale, broccoli, bok choy and collards. You need to include a minimum of 3 cups per week in the form of salads or eve steamed or cooked.

Green Vegetables

  1. Not Enough Sleep:

Getting the required sleep is definitely important for the required immunity. There are no compromises to be made here. Ensure you chart out a regular schedule for sleeping and make sure you hit the bed at the same time every day. You need to be aware that fighting any disease can be easier when you are sleeping.

Not Enough Sleep

  1. Saying ‘NO’ to Water:

This is one of the biggest mistakes you make when you looking to increase your immunity. Drink a lot of water and not all those sugary drinks or juices. You need to concentrate on drinking plain and simple water to ensure good hydration without any negative effects.

This Corona virus is definitely all the more dangerous when your immunity is on the weaker side. Ensure you pay enough attention to this so that there are fewer chances of you getting this COVID – 19.

Saying ‘NO’ to Water


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