Tips for Workouts during Coronavirus Lockdown


Coronavirus Lockdown: This corona virus and the lockdown have hit the world like a bolt of lightning. It takes time to adapt to the harsh changes life has thrown at you. To ensure mental and physical fitness you need to find ways and means so that there is no avoiding the exercise bit. As known, exercise is definitely an immune booster. It is important to do exercises from the comforts of your home instead of venturing outside. Here are some tips of different workouts which can be done from the comforts of your home.

  1. Knee Pushup:

This home workout is mainly for the arms and the cores. You can improve the standard position for push-ups when you include this in your routine workouts.

  • You need to be in the standard position for push-ups but instead of the feet, you will place your knees on the floor.
  • The feet need to be lifted from the knees.
  • Then, like normal push-ups you need to bend your elbow up and down and maintain a straight position from the head to the knees.

This exercise needs to be done with 16 repetitions in set of 2. You can rest for a minute.

  1. The Bridge:

This body weight exercise helps in strengthening the hamstrings and the core. This exercise tends to improve the posture as it is focused on the hip and the lower back. This exercise is easy especially for beginners.

  • Lie on a yoga mat and face the ceiling.
  • Extend your arms by your side and place the feet in a flat position.
  • The bottoms need to be raised till your hips are widened totally by squeezing the glutes.
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Get back to the start and repeat this in sets of 2 for 10 times.

  1. Plank:

Planks are apt for the strengthening of the core. You have the choice of trying out different variations of this exercise.

  • Lie down in the position of a push-up.
  • Balance your body on your elbows.
  • This position needs to be held on to for 30 seconds.

This can be attempted in between the different exercises. You can initially hold this position for only 30 seconds but gradually increase it to one minute.

  1. Squats:

For strengthening of the core and the balance, you need to do the squats. This can also tone the gluteus.

  • The feet need to be widened parallel to your shoulders. The arms need to b extended in front.
  • Slightly bend your hips and your knees and get into the traditional squat position.
  • You need to use your heels for pushing up and then repeat.

As known, leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to multiple problems. Find ways and means to exercise so that you are occupied gainfully and also healthy. You need to ensure you take care of your health and well-being during this difficult time of uncertainty. This can also add some positivity to your life and ensure you do not get anxious or depressed due to the circumstances around you.

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