Tips on Cleaning Groceries during COVID-19


As we all know, this COVID-19 has caused havoc globally. There is no clear cut information on the behavior of this virus as studies and research are yet going on. The bad news about this virus is that this can survive on different surfaces for different span of time. This survives on some surfaces for around 2 hours, while on others this can survive for 24 hours or even a few days. Thus it is important to follow strict guidelines when you shop for groceries during these times.

Measures to prevent Corona virus entering your Home:

Follow the tips listed below to be safe from this virus.

  1. When any groceries or food is delivered to your home, tear off the plastic or cardboard packaging and let another person with clean hands pull out the products and bring them into your home. You need to dispose off the packaging in a dustbin kept outside. Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water for the recommended 20 seconds.
  2. Carry nylon or a jute grocery bag if you are going to shop for your groceries. The bag needs to be washed thoroughly once you are back home.
  3. It is important that you disinfect the vegetables and fruits you bring home as the virus survives on these surfaces for some time. Soak them with potassium permanganate in water for around 5 minutes. Rinse this. You also have the option of scrubbing them under running water for 20 seconds. Make sure you wash your hands after this.
  4. Rinse the tabletop or the counter top where you had placed your groceries.
  5. You need to wash off the containers of tin or plastic with soap and water.
  6. You need to disinfect your phone using cotton and a little of any disinfectant when you return home.
  7. It is advisable not to pay with cash but use online digital transactions.
  8. Your clothes need to be washed with water and detergent as soon as you come home.
  9. Prepare a list of all that you require before you leave for your grocery shopping.
  10. Do not forget to cover your face with a mask when you leave your home.
  11. Wipe the handles of the shopping cart before you use them. Most of the shops offer wipes these days.
  12. Ensure you practice social distancing when shopping. Do not touch your face.
  13. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you return home.
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Though studies have proved that the food is safe where the corona virus is concerned but it is always advisable to be safer. You can use a disinfectant spray or wipe the groceries with a sanitizer before you stock your cupboard with the food. A home delivery is considered less risky as compared to visiting a super market. There are a number of super markets who offer contactless delivery, which can further reduce the risk of catching this virus.

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