A Suitable Diet for Diabetes


A Suitable Diet for Diabetes

Those suffering from diabetes are advised to consult a dietician to chart out an appropriate diet plan. This can help you manage the diabetes and can save you from the risk of heart disease or other complications due to this disease. This diet will help you manage your weight besides controlling the levels of blood sugar. With an excess of calories and fat there is undesirable rise in the levels of blood sugar. This can lead to serious health problems like high blood sugar or even complications with the kidney and the heart.

A Diet for Diabetes:

For a diabetic patient it is important to have three meals every day. This needs to be had at regular times. A qualified dietician can help you chart out a diet plan in accordance to your health, lifestyle and also tastes.

  1. Include Healthy Carbohydrates:

In the process of digestion, starches (complex carbohydrates) and sugars (simple carbohydrates) break down into the blood glucose. It is important to ensure an intake of healthy carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and dairy products of low-fat. Stay away from unhealthy carbohydrates like processed foods and all those sodas and sweetened drinks.

  1. Fish which is Healthy:

Include fish 2 times a week in your diet. You can include mackerel, salmon sardines or tuna for the maximum benefits. Ensure you eliminate fish which is high in mercury or even fried fish.

  1. Include the ‘Good’ Fats:

Your cholesterol levels can be well managed when you include polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats in your diet. These include avocados, nuts peanut oil or olive oil.

  1. Dairy Foods:
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Dairy foods which are high in fats need to be avoided by those suffering from diabetes. You can include cheese, yogurt or milk but of low fat. It is advisable to choose unsweetened yogurt. This needs to be consumed every day for the requirement of calcium and proteins.

Foods to Avoid:

Listed below are some foods which can work in the negative for heart health for the diabetics. * *Trans fats like margarines, baked foods and processed snacks need to be eliminated in your diet.

  • Dairy products of high fats are saturated fats and need to be kept at bay. This also includes animal proteins like hot dogs, beef and butter.
  • Cholesterol foods include animal proteins of high-fat and dairy products of high-fat, liver, egg yolks and any other organ meat. Your daily consumption of cholesterol needs to be only 200mg per day.

Creating a Plan:

Half of your plate needs to be filled with non-starchy vegetables like tomatoes, spinach and carrots. A quarter of your plate needs to have the essential proteins like chicken, tuna or lean pork. The last quarter of your plate needs to have whole grain like brown rice. You need to ensure a serving of dairy or fruit and drink a lot of water.

A diabetes diet can help you manage your diabetes in a better manner and save you from uncalled for complications.

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