Natural Treatment for Belly Fat


Are you aware that belly fat is one major cause of Type-2 diabetes? This also applies to those who are over-weight or in other words obese. This Type-2 diabetes is dangerous as there are chances this can lead to amputations, early death, blindness and other serious complications. The best way to prevent diabetes or even treat this in the early stages is to work on losing some weight. It is not difficult to lose some of the belly weight with simple and effective home remedies.

  1. Add Coconut Oil to your Diet:

Medium chain triglycerides make up coconut oil as compared to vegetable oils which are made up of triglycerides of long chain. Intake of coconut oil on a regular basis can reduce your waist line to a large extent. 30ml or 2tbsp of coconut oil is what you need to consume on a daily basis. This works effective when you are looking to lose belly fat at home.

  1. Green Tea:

The catechins present in green tea helps in trimming the waist. They also help the liver in burning the fat as green tea is known to increase your metabolism. Why not swap your daily cup of coffee with green tea and observe the difference after a short span of time.

  1. Consume Spices:

Turmeric is one spice which offers multiple benefits; this also includes the burning of the belly fat. Make sure you use turmeric along with other spices in your daily meals. Ensure the turmeric you use has 90% of curcumin so that this can also make your metabolism healthier.

  1. Consuming Water:

Ensure you drink the recommended amount of water, that is, around 8 or more glasses. This offers multiple benefits, like aiding weight loss, helping in digestion and also enhancing your metabolism. Replace all those aerated drinks with simple and plain water for good health and for reducing the belly fat.

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  1. Increase your Intake of Protein:

Reducing your intake of carbs and increasing your intake of proteins can also help in losing belly fat even if you do not exercise. Consuming proteins can also lower the level of insulin in your body.

Causes of Belly Fat:

Not many are aware of the multiple causes of belly fat. Here are some of the reasons you might be facing this problem.

  • A poor diet is one of the major causes of belly fat. This is when you concentrate more on junk and processed foods available in the market.
  • Over consuming of alcohol helps you gain belly fat.. It is advisable to consume one or two drinks everyday as this can be beneficial to your overall health. Anything more than this is asking for trouble.
  • Leading sedentary lifestyle leads to belly fat. You can choose any exercise like jogging, swimming or even walking. Make sure you include this in your everyday routine to get rid of the belly fat..

Finally, learn to relax and stay away from unnecessary stress. Cortisol, which is a hormone, is released when you are going through stress. This can create havoc with your metabolism and lead to multiple health problems besides the belly fat.


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