Control Diabetes Naturally


Control Diabetes Naturally

When your body is unable to transport the sugar from the blood to the cells you get high blood sugar, which leads to diabetes. This diabetes is very common these days and can be treated with medication and also managed in a natural way. If this is not taken care of it can lead to multiple complications to your health. As soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to ensure you take measures to keep this in control. You need to make specific changes in your life-style and also include certain foods in your daily diet.

  1. Control the intake of Carb:

The carbs you consume are broken into sugars by your body. The insulin then moves this sugar into the different cells. If you are having problems with the levels of insulin or tend to consume too many carbs, the levels of the blood glucose tend to rise. It is advisable to control the intake of carbs and plan your meals. You can consult a dietician or a nutritionist if you are not too sure how to go about this.

  1. Get Active:

Most of the people these days have a desk job, which means you are sitting most of the time. For sure, this does not help in managing diabetes. You need to include exercise in your routine so that you can increase the insulin sensitivity. Make sure you choose an exercise you enjoy, this can be walking, running, jogging or even swimming. Checking your blood sugar on a regular basis is essential.

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  1. Stay hydrated:

Water and more water is what you need to manage not only diabetes but many other illnesses. This helps in keeping the levels of blood sugar within limits considered ‘healthy’. With this intake of water the kidneys find it easy to flush out the excess sugar through urination. Make sure you choose water and not those aerated drinks and different sodas, as these can cause more harm than good.

  1. Foods with Low GI (glycemic Index):

The GI can assess the response of the body’s blood sugar to different carbs. You need to be aware that not only the type but also the amount of carbs consumed tend to affect the blood sugar levels. Concentrating on foods with a low GI can reduce blood sugar on a long term basis.

  1. Ensure the Intake of Fiber:

Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar and digestion of carbs. With the intake of fiber there is a gradual rise in the levels of blood sugar. There are different types of fiber and you need to ensure you make the right choice. Choose whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits for this intake of fiber.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before you make any changes to your lifestyle for controlling diabetes. You need to stay away from stress and also get quality and quantity sleep. This can help not only in controlling diabetes but many other ailments. All you need to do is take stock of your life and give your health the priority this requires.

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