How to Relieve Diabetes in a Few Days


How to Relieve Diabetes in a Few Days

This metabolic disease, diabetes, leads to high blood sugar. Insulin, which is a hormone, moves the sugar from your blood into the cells for using for the required energy or storing. Diabetes means your body is not making the required amount of insulin, or is unable to use the insulin made. This blood sugar, during diabetes, if left untreated, can lead to damage to your eyes, nerves, kidneys and also other organs.

Symptoms of diabetes:

Some of the very common symptoms of Diabetes are

*loss of weight

*increase in thirst

*increase in hunger

*extreme fatigue

*Blurred vision

*frequent urination and

* Sores that do not heal.

Once you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, it is important to follow some tips to ensure positive relief which can bring down the levels of blood sugar.

  1. Eating a Well-balanced Diet:

Diabetes requires that you eat a well-balanced meal, preferably sans any starch. You need to add Cucumber, carrot, broccoli, squash, salad greens, tomato and asparagus in your daily meals. You also need to include fish, lean meat, citrus fruits, non-fat dairy products, nuts and sweet potatoes. Whole grains consumption is equally important for getting some sort of a relief from diabetes.

  1. Exercise as a ‘Routine’:

Regular exercise is beneficial in more than one way. You are definitely in a positive mood and there is an improvement to your sensitivity to insulin. As insulin works better with exercise, the blood sugar levels tend to get more stable.

You can start exercising if you are not already on this. Ensure you start slow and gradually increase the time and intensity. You have a number of exercises to choose from. It is important that you enjoy what you do, so pick an exercise accordingly.

  1. Reducing Stress Levels:
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Stress can bring you down, means, you are not in a state to exercise or concentrate on your diet. This is definitely going to affect your diabetes. You need to be aware that stress is one cause of the blood sugar increasing. You are then less sensitive to the insulin. During stress, the body is in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. The cortisol and glucagon hormones are secreted during this period, which are responsible for the rise in the levels of blood sugar.

Try to find ways and means to relax when you are stressed. You can choose meditation or yoga to help you fight this stress.

  1. Changes in Life-style:

Eat three balanced meals in a day with worked-out intervals between them. The same amount of carbohydrates needs to be consumed with each meal. It is advisable to stay away from processed foods as this has a glycemic index on the lower side. This low glycemic index has less effect on the blood sugar.

  1. Moderate Intake of Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol when you are under treatment of diabetes can bring down the blood sugar levels to a dangerous low. Alcohol consumption means the liver needs to work harder to remove the alcohol and blood sugar regulation takes a back seat. This low blood sugar levels can lead to sleepiness, disorientation and dizziness.

For regular drinkers one or two drinks a day is ideal. You can plan on switching on to lighter drinks like wine or a light beer. You should sip your drink slowly, and preferably, choose a calorie-free drink if possible.

  1. ‘NO’ to Smoking:
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Smoking not only affects the blood sugar levels but tends to lead to multiple complications. Take that step and be brave enough to chuck this habit of smoking. The many complications caused due to smoking are eye diseases, kidney and heart diseases, poor circulation of the blood and damage to the nerves.

  1. Increase Intake of Fiber:

Fiber tends to slow down the absorption of sugar and digestion of carbs. It is due to this that fiber can gradually increase the levels of blood sugar. It is important to ensure you consume the right type of fiber.

There are two types of fiber, the insoluble fiber and the soluble fiber. Both these are important for the human body but the soluble fiber can lower the levels of blood sugar.

For the intake of the required fiber, it is important that you add legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet.

  1. Hydration is important:

Your blood sugar level can be kept well within limits with a good intake of water. Besides preventing the dehydration, drinking water helps the kidneys in flushing out the toxins and blood sugar through urination.

You can choose drinks sans any calories besides water for the required hydration.

  1. Ensure Portion Control:

Portion control can help you in regulating the intake of calories and help in the weight loss program. This control in weight promotes blood sugar levels in a healthy manner and reduces the risk of diabetes.

You can use smaller plates when serving food for yourself, weigh and measure the portions served, avoid restaurants serving processed and junk foods, eat slowly, keep a food journal and read the food labels. All these tips can help you control the amount you eat during or in-between meals.

  1. Getting enough Sleep:
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Not many are aware that poor sleeping habits can increase the levels of blood sugar. This works in the negative as it tends to increase your appetite, promoting gain in weight.

With sleep deprivation the growth hormones released are less with the cortisol levels rising. This is how the blood sugar levels rise.

Diabetes is termed as a ‘killer’ disease as this can lead to multiple complications. This condition can definitely be managed with the life style changes and the required medications. This diabetes care is well under your control. You need to be positive and lead a life sans any stress.

Before making any changes to your life style, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Controlling this disease in the early stages can reduce the risk of ‘life-threatening’ complications later. All you need is the above mentioned ‘positive’ tips to get some relief from diabetes.

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How to Relieve Diabetes in a Few Days

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