Hair loss Reasons you should know about


Small amount of hair loss is normal. There is nothing to stress about, but losing large chunks of hair on a regular basis is definitely something you need to worry about. You need to get concerned when you start spotting bald spots and you can see your scalp. There are multiple reasons for ‘serious’ hair loss and being aware of these can help you take the required steps.

  1. Pregnancy:

Most often than not, pregnancy leads to a certain amount of stress and this leads to losing out hair. This hair loss is normally after you have delivered your baby as giving birth is traumatic. This hair loss needs no specific treatment as you tend to get back your hair in a matter of few months.

  1. Thyroid disorders:

Thyroid problem is related to hormones and can cause hair loss. Choosing the right kind of treatment for his can reverse the problem of hair loss.

  1. Medications:

Most of the medicines have some side-effect or another and there are many which can lead to losing hair. One of the most common medication is chemotherapy. Some of the other medications which cause hair loss are anti-depressants, thyroid medications, anticoagulants, beta-blockers, oral contraceptives, anticonvulsants and more.

  1. Stress:

Hair loss might be due to psychological and physical stress. Loss of blood, fever, surgery causes enough stress and leads to loss of hair. Keep away from anxiety and other problems. It is important to learn to relax. You can try including exercise, meditation or yoga in your daily routine to tackle this stress.

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  1. Hair treatments and Hair Styles:

Hairstyles that tend to pull your hair tight or even excessive hairstyling leads to loss of hair. This type of hair loss is known as traction alopecia. Inflammation of the hair follicles due to constant hot oil treatments can lead to hair loss.

  1. Diet:

A well balanced diet benefits you not only with overall health but also with good health of your skin and hair. Make sure you include proteins, iron and other vitamins and minerals in your daily diet to manage the hair loss problem.

  1. Genetics:

Genetics play an important role in the loss of hair. You need to be aware that the genes responsible for hair loss come from both your parents. Check out the history of your family to find out if hair loss is a ‘constant’ in your family.

In case of you being genetically predisposed to loss of hair there is nothing much to be done. Traction alopecia is one type of hair loss which can be managed. All you need to do is try keeping your hair loose and not tie it too tightly.

If you find that this problem of hair loss is not easy to handle, you can always consult a qualified and experienced professional. There are natural remedies that you can try. Take baby steps and find out what can solve your hair loss problem. A little effort and a lot of patience is what is required.


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