How to get a Perfect Solution for Naturally Healthy Hair


Every girl dreams of long and lustrous hair which is healthy and shiny. You need to be aware that this is possible only when you take some trouble and devote some time for the health of your hair. It is important to avoid all those chemicals for coloring your hair. You also need to avoid the use of dryers and curlers. Let your hair be natural and healthy. All the same listed below are some tips which can help you in getting ‘healthy’ hair which you so desire.

  1. Protection of your Hair:

It is important to limit exposure of your hair to the extreme weather, be it summer or winters. This leads to drying up of the hair with a build-up in dirt and grime. Your scalp gets more prone to infections.

  1. Carefully Manage Wet Hair:

Not many are aware that wet hair is very fragile and can break with ease. Be gentle when you shampoo your hair and comb this only after it is almost dry. You can use a shower cap instead of combing your hair directly after you have washed it.

  1. Condition Regularly and Condition Right:

It is important to condition your hair after every wash. Avoiding this can lead to dry and frizzy hair. It is important to ensure right conditioning, that is, you need to condition from 2 inches away from the scalp.

  1. Avoid Hair ties that are Tight:

Instead of tying your hair with very tight hair ties, try using scrunchies that have cloth around them. Tight hair ties can cause friction and also breakage of hair.

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  1. Use Satin for Pillow covers:

It is a known fact that using pillow covers of satin when sleeping reduces the breakage of hair. Any other material is damaging to the hair as these are rough in their texture.

  1. Massage Hair:

You need to ensure you use good oil for a regular hair massage. Concentrate on your scalp so that this is moisturized well. Oil massage has been used for healthy hair since decades. This is a perfect solution to most hair problems.

  1. Cold Water for Hair wash:

Using cold water for hair wash is any time beneficial as compared to using of hot water. This means, water which is at room temperature and not freezing cold. You have the choice of using warm water for shampooing your hair but after conditioning, rinse this off with cold water.

  1. Choose Hair Brushes:

Avoid hair brushes of a low quality. There are no compromises to be made when choosing a comb or a brush for your hair. These good quality combs and brushes give a sort of a massage to your hair. Make you keep the combs and brushes clean and try changing these every three months.

Besides the above tips, you need to ensure you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Keep yourself well hydrated for not only your overall health but also for a healthy skin and hair.

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