Dealing with Hair Loss during Winter


Winter is one season when you find an increase in all the hair problems; this might be dry hair, frizzy hair, hair loss and more. This is because the dry air during winter tends to suck out all the moisture from your scalp and make this dry as well. Another culprit of dry hair is the heating system in your home. This dry hair leads to dandruff, falling hair and also the scalp gets uncomfortably itchy.

What to do to prevent Hair Loss in winter:

  1. A Good Hair Massage:

One of the best ways to prevent hair loss in winter is to go for a good oil massage. Olive oil and almond oil are suitable for winter time massages. These can provide your scalp and hair the apt vitamins and also fatty acids. Jojoba oil is oil which is suitable for harsh and dry winters.

  1. Conditioner and Shampoo:

There is a wide range of shampoos and conditioners available in the market. It is important to make a choice according to the type of hair you have. Just any shampoo or conditioner can be damaging to your crowning glory. You can choose shampoos and conditioners specifically for hair fall. Use extra conditioner during winters to prevent excessive drying of the hair.

  1. Consuming the Right Vitamins:

Hair loss is also due to deficiency in certain nutrients. You can consult a dermatologist and take the supplements to strengthen your hair and improve hair growth.

  1. No Hot water Baths:

Standing under a warm shower is fine but stay away from ‘hot’ water for bathing. This is definitely soothing during winters but can be extremely damaging to your skin and also your hair. You also need to limit using blow dryers or curlers for your hair. Let it dry naturally.

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  1. Honey for Moisture:

Applying raw honey on your hair helps in retaining the moisture during this winter season. You need to let the moisture get well absorbed by wearing a shower cap. Wash this off only after 30 minutes.

Hair Packs for winter:

Here are some hair packs which can help your hair grow and also provide the required shine.

Add one egg to 2 mashed bananas. Add Vitamin E capsule and few drops of lemon juice. You need to apply this paste from the roots right up to the tips of your hair. This can be ashed off after 10 minutes with luke warm water.

  • Curd and Egg Hair pack:

Blend some curd with 2 eggs. Apply this on your scalp and on the total length of your hair. This needs to be washed off after 30 minutes with cold water.

  • Honey and Milk Hair pack:

Honey and milk are good for the required moisture for your hair. Take honey and milk mixture and apply this on your hair. This needs to be washed off after 30 minutes with luke warm water

Do not fret the winters now that you have multiple tips for managing hair loss. Try to find out which one works best for your hair.


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